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Linda McDonald – Aggressive Yet Gentle on Drums

Linda McDonald is a remarkable drummer born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. McDonald has navigated her professional career as a drummer and an affiliate of the Ozzy Osbourne honored band The Little Doll advertised as “All Female, All Ozzy, All The Time…Covering All Eras Of Ozzy ”). 

She boasts as the co-founder of the all-female heavy metal band phantom blue since it began in 1987 to its end in2001. After listening to her brother’s copy of Iron Maiden’s Japan live EP, Linda McDonald was encouraged to embrace the instrument. The skills of drumming became distinct from the piano, guitar, and violin the moment she started. 

She finished her classes in high school, accompanied by a drum set, harmony, and theory classes, and ear training at Dick Grove School of Music in San Fernando during the summer conferences at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. In pursuit of a brief assignment with a three-piece female band called Andromeda, McDonald developed into a founding affiliate of Phantom Band. 

While in the band they managed to record a self-titled release album in 1989 and their second release, “Built to Perform” on Geffen Records in 1993, produced by the renowned Max Norman. Their last documentation was the EP Full Brown (1998) before they detached to different lines in 2001. The Iron Maiden’s, an all-female honored band to Iron Maiden was schemed by McDonald soon after the collapse of the Phantom Blue’s. She was accompanied by bandmate Josphine Soegijanty, ex Bandits affiliate Sara Marsh banded vocalists Jenny Warren and bassist Melanie Sisneros

McDonald’s has continued to be the pioneer band affiliate on account of formerly.  She set the set label just like an affiliate of the Iron Maiden band as Nikki McBurrain which is a combination of the Iron Maiden band’s former drummer Clive Burr and their present drummer Nicko McBrain. McDonald was illuminated with a Sooty puppet as much like McBrain with his drum kit.

The songs “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,“” Children of the Damned,” and “The Prisoner” were her cherries of the Iron Maiden. McDonald was an affiliate of several cover bands including Unholy Pink, crabby patty, Valley Dolls, and a female Ozzy Osbourne tribute called The Little Dolls. She was also listed with and did some meetings with former Phantom Blue affiliate Michelle Meldrum’s band, Meldrum, corresponding to the Iron Maidens.

McDonald, accompanied by maiden’s bandmate Courtney Cox, associated with anterior Phantom Blue affiliate Kim Nielsen-Parsons, Gigi Hangach, and Tina Wood joined for a get-together at an exciting gig on May 26, 2009. The gig was for the interest of brain exploration in the memoir of Phantom Blue co-founder Michelle Meldrum who succumbed to cystic cancer in her brain on May 21, 2008. 

Discursion by Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain, McDonald also mentions Simon Phillips, John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, and Phil Collins, among those that aroused her drummer. Her musical inclination diverges from Barry Manilow to System of a Down. McDonald has a dog, a cat, and a parakeet in her home as a devoted pet lover.

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