Roland TD-25 KV Review and Buying Guide

Roland has built a reputation for themselves in the world of electronic drums. And the V-Line series is among the best choices in the drumming community. The high quality of these drums, together with rubber V-cymbals provides a drum kit that feels and sounds like an acoustic drum set.

The company has been on a constant lane for innovation. You will find features on the V-line that are not in any other drum kits in the same range.

The Roland TD-25KV electronic drum set happens to be one of my favorites. It offers a great natural feeling with the cymbals acting just like an acoustic set. Hence, a drummer will not be compelled to adapt their style to suits an e-drum kit. The TD-25KV kit comes with pliable mesh pads that will quickly adapt to you instead. 

In this review, I will talk about the features I like most about this drum. But before that…

How do you Choose Accessories For An Electric Drum Kit?

Roland Td 25 Kvx
Roland Td 25 Kvx

Many of the best electronic drum kits don’t come as a full bundle. And even if they do, they may not be what you need. In that case, you may need to buy accessories from other places.

And this is true with the TD25KV. You probably want to start playing immediately you get the set. As such, we must learn how to pick accessories.

I would advise you to look at the prices of the items, especially where they are not included. And since you may use them with different drum sets, it would be better if you invested wisely.

The drum throne

The drum throne is a drummer’s paradise. This is where you will be spending most of your drumming time.

Whether you are writing a new song, or you are performing before a huge audience, you will be sitting on your throne. It is not possible to play the drum while standing.

And these seats, rarely come with the kit. This is because they highly depend on personal choice.

There is are many drum thrones in the market today. They come with different designs and features, and some are saddle, other rounds, some with cushions, and others with hydraulic/spindle bottom.

And there are more fancy options too. These once come with pockets for storing drumsticks, cup holders, and many other additions.

Many drummers don’t like too many distractions too. Hence, you must test all the options in the store.

This one necessity means you should consider buying your seats from a physical store. Buying online does not let you test the items for quality.

You probably need something durable too. And this is why a sturdy throne is great for supporting your weight and posture for long hours.


One of the benefits of electronic drum sets is that you can practice them silently by connecting headphones. Only you will hear the sound. This is very useful, especially when you live in an apartment.

Unfortunately, most e-drum kits don’t include high-quality headphones. You will, therefore, need to consider sourcing for these items yourself.

If you are spending most of your time drumming through headphones, it will be critical to choose headphones that match the quality of your kit.

Some headphones are not just right. You can feel the quality of your sounds.

For this reason, spend some hours researching for a perfect fit. I would recommend you check out Alesis, Sony, and Vic Firth.

These are headphones you can use even with acoustic drumming. In short, they will give you more realistic sounds.

Drum sticks

One of the challenges I have seen in many people is choosing the right drumsticks for their first digital kit. There are endless options in the market; hence it becomes overwhelming.

Generally, you need something that will go a long way.

Many drummers prefer wood tipped sticks. It could be because they last very long. Besides, nylon-tipped drum sticks eventually use their tips and may cause some damage.

But the wooden stick isn’t good either. They can easily splinter or crack and damage the mesh, especially with aggressive drummers.

Also, it can cause sawdust to gather underneath the mesh heads.

Search for quality drum sticks that have special shock absorber inserts. They will help keep the damage low.

Drum bass pedals

Many digital drum kits don’t come with a bass pedal. And you can get many options and variations in this item.

Pedals come with a lot of varying options. This is why it can be a bit challenging to but a pedal for e-drum sets. Besides, your focus is not on the quality of the item but on its compatibility.

About the Roland TD-25 KV

Roland Td 25 Kvx
Roland Td 25 Kvx

The Roland TD-25KV is without a doubt among the best electronic drum kits on the market today. I personally love this kit because it makes me feel like I am playing the real acoustic set.

If features:

  • Advanced Supernatural sound engine. This feature was the first design for the high-end TD-30 model. Hence you can be sure of the best sounds in the industry.
  • PDX-100 10 inch mesh-head snare. It comes with positional sensing; hence you can accurately emulate cross-hand playing and rim shots.
  • LCD. This easy to use 64 by 126-pixel screen is easy to use,
  • 21 multi-effects. You can create and customize the sound of the kit to suit your needs.
  • Easy-to-use metronome.
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat. This allows you to play the hi-hat as you would an acoustic kit.
  • Coach capability. Keep your skills in check with this highly functional kit.


  • This kit offers the feeling of an acoustic kit
  • Comes with a wide range of dynamic sounds
  • It is very lightweight, hence portable
  • The USB port means you can connect your smartphone and play along with your favorite tunes.


  • Missing Hi-Hat stand and kick pedal
  • It is costly. Though this may not be a problem is you have a good budget.

The TD-25KV electronic drum is suitable for anyone looking to spend huge in a high-quality e-drum kit. It has been designed to serve advanced drummers. You can use it in studio recording as it has quality sound. It may not be the best for beginners.

Top Features of the Roland TD-25KV

We live in a world where technology has taken center stage for human development. And therefore, Roland lets you implement this in your musicianship.

Hardware, drums, and appearance


They present a different approach to this model. They have removed the layout and design of classic e-drum modules.

It comes with features that expose the user to fewer modules compared to other sets. But the high-end sound module does not disappoint. It is, therefore, easier to use.

It offers multi-layered vibraslaps and functionality for making samples for online streaming. Hence, you are sorted if you are fun of this.


This drum set is stripped down from technological modules visible in other drums sets. But this is just what makes it interesting. There are just enough features and functionality a drummer needs.

It comes in two configurations:

  • The first comes with 10-inch floor tom pads, 10-inches PDX-100 snare pad, and a two PD-85 rack tom pads, two crash cymbals, and one ride.
  • The second one feature similar snare pads, but the mesh pads and rack toms are smaller, PDX-8 and PDX-6, respectively. There is also one crash and one ride cymbals.

Both kits come with the appropriate hi-hat trigger, mountable to a mechanical stand. And there are 18 different kits inside for your choice.

This construction is inspired by the idea of offering a more adaptive kit for realistic sounds based on performance. The company stripped away the fat to provide a way for improving the quality of things.

The audio recording feature on-board, USB connectivity, and multi-effects offer and excellent way to create more music.

Sound Features

First, the clean and glassy layout on this kit looks fantastic. It does not have dust-collecting faders; instead, you get illuminated rotaries and 11 soft press switches. This is a good size rotary, more than you can find in any other module; hence you can navigate easily through the kits.

There are different categories of sounds the player can choose according to their preferences. For example, the studio kits are compatible with any genre.

Also, there is the Dry Funk, that lets you make backbeats. Also, the larger hats and punchy kick drums mean you can make beats much easily.

The Custom Maple may be all you need to create modern rock sounds. Its Vintage sounds like the deep snare of a classic rock ‘n’ roll. And the metal heads offer a choice for Speed Metal kit.

There are sensors on the snare that can detect stick positioning across the head. This means you can get an excellent sound response.

Also, there is the addition of playback and sound recording. You can use the internal USB memory stock to capture song ideas or record through MIDI for demo tracks.

Value for money – functionality

Is the Roland TD-25KV worth your investment? Well, I would say this depends on the situation in which you are playing the drums. Consider the following:

  • Practicing at home. I would say using the TD-25KV for home practice is a waste of quality and money. This is because a practice kit only calls for a standard setup, and with headphones. This kit has everything that you will get in cheaper home practice e-drum kits. With its price, there is nothing logical that justifies its use as a practice kit.
  • Playing live on stage. When talking about live stage performance, we are closer to what I think this kit is designed for. The kits come with a bigger snare, floor tom, and cymbal pads that many other kits. Hence, it offers the experience of playing real acoustics. The appearance of the whole drum set and the sturdy aluminum rack with four poles makes it the best kit for stage performance.
  • Home recording. If you are thinking of home recording, perhaps the Roland TD-25KV is the best option you can get in the market. Studio recording time is expensive; hence this could be a good way to save. You can connect your drum kit to your computer to use as a MIDI trigger. The recording software will register each time you hit one of your pads. The kit comes with a USB port for easy connection. But you will need to understand recording software like Reaper, GarageBand, and more. You will also have to know about sound libraries like Superior Drummer, among others. And one of my favorite features is that you can plug your favorite song into the module.

In short, the sound of the TD-25KV by Roland is brilliant. You can play over and over was though working with real acoustic drums.


There are other drum sets on the same or higher price range as the TD-25KV above. There is, for instance, the Roland TD-30K V-Pro. It was released the same year as the Roland TD-11K 30K and still stands as one of the highest-quality electronic drums on the market. You can bet your money on this one.

Yamaha DTX522K released a few years after the DTXplorer is another good kit for recording, live shows, and just enjoying studio sessions. Yamaha is a leader in manufacturing quality musical instruments, and this one will not disappoint.

Consider the Alesis Forge Drum Set too. It is a professional kit that has earned a top 50 place on Amazon. It is especially powerful for live shows, just like the Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Kit.

Social proof

I went online to check out what other users were saying about this kit, and I was pretty impressed.

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My Final Verdict

The real strength in Roland TD-25KV is in-home recording functionality. For me, it would be great someone listening to something I have worked on and appreciates how good it is.

For this reason alone, I would invest any amount in this kit. Understanding how expensive studio recording is, the price tag on this kit is justifiable.

It also checks the boxes for practicing and playing on stage. I would, therefore, recommend it to anyone.

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