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Sarah Thawer, A Versatile and Creative Drummer

There are very few female drummers who have left an impression. Sarah Thawer is one of them. It is pretty amazing how a self-taught drummer would rise to such greatness amidst the competition. She has proven wrong, many who believed that metal and hard rock is a world of male drummers.

It is true that this a demanding genre that requires strength, speed, and agility. But then, there is a certain subtleness that most male drummers fail to achieve. And that is where drummers like Thawer shine. Besides, she has got just enough power and stamina to perform any task that comes her way.

Sarah Thawer Female Drummer
Sarah Thawer

Sarah Thawer is a self-taught drummer from Toronto, Canada. She was only two years when she started playing and has never looked back ever since. Her first stage performance was when she was only five years old. Through hard work, dedication, and endurance, Thawer has become one of the most adorable figures in this industry.

As with any great drummer, you would expect her to have a permanent band. But that is not her case as she is freelancing, touring, recording, and performing with international artists. She is one of the most versatile and innovative drummers around. She likes playing jazz (improvising), anything that has groove, world, and fusion.

It is fusion’s encompassed of everything that has no boundaries that push her to work hard. Thawer studied jazz and world music at York University. She received the Peterson Scholarship, the highest award any institution can receive. And through hard work, she graduated with a Summa Cum Laude distinction. Sarah Thawer has developed her career by playing alongside some of the most famous artists. Some of the people she has worked with include A.R. Rahman, George Watsky, Osman Mir, and Jane Bunnett.

In a recent interview with the Drum, Magazine Thawer admits to having performed with some of the greatest artists around. She says, “most definitely. I am a freelance musician, so the gigs that I play really vary. Here are some of the gigs I’ve done in the last month in Toronto: I have played with Mark Lettieri Trio, Eddie Bullen, Michael Dunston, Del Hartley, Andrew Craig, Buff Justice….”

Sarah Thawer Performing
Sarah Thawer Performing

Looking at this list, it is clear the Thawer is a highly experienced and in-demand drummer. Her work speaks for itself. A drummer is recognized by the gear they play and their style. Thawer, however, is a versatile drummer who is hard to predict. Every job she works on is uniquely designed to meet the current needs. She is one of the most innovative musicians around, always looking for new styles to perform.

One of her fans was recently heard saying, “Sarah Thawer is an excellent performer. I have never seen a drummer who understands her gear so well as she does. I can listen to her performance all day because it sounds new every time.” She is a Yamaha artist and says Yamaha, as a whole, represents music more than just drums. She likes their innovativeness, which drives her to endorse their gear.

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