Brad Wilk, The Quality Behind Rage Against the Machine

“Brad Wilk is unlike any other drummer I have ever seen.” One of his fans was heard saying these words in an interview. “He has a way of making drums sound as though they are speaking directly to me.” This is just one of the factors that make Wilk such a great heavy metal drummer. There are very few drummers who can match up to his speed and power. He becomes one with the song.

He easily proved his worth on his quality while working for Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Smashing Pumpkins, and Puscifer. All these are top brands recognized across the globe. That means they could only hire the best drummer to work their songs.

Brad Wilk
Brad Wilk

Every drummer faces a challenge that they must overcome to become the best. Wilk’s greatest challenge was perhaps when he had to fill in for Bill Ward on the 13th album on Black Sabbath. It is not easy to fit in the shoes of another drummer from such a reputable band. Wilk did it with confidence and surety.

Over the years, the drummer worked tirelessly to become one of the industry’s most influential drummers. He is a skilled and innovative performer who came up with new ideas for every song he worked on. Wilk has continued to improve his skills over the years, mastering speed and power beyond what anyone would have imagined. Wilk did not receive much attention in terms of success until he started playing for Rage Against the Machine.

Wilk had worked with different bands before this, most of which had failed. He did not give up. He even auditioned for a band called Lock-Up. After the first album called “Something Bitchin’, This Way Comes), the band broke up. The album received little media attention, forcing them to break up. But that was just the beginning of his journey.

But then, Wilk was already an experienced drummer. He had everything he needed to start his own band or join another one. And that is what he did. After Lock-Up, Wilk joined forces with Tom Morello, a former Lock Up Guitarist to start a new band. But by the time he was contacted to join the new band, he was already playing for another band called Greta.   The two met a rapper called Zack la Rocha to join their band.

Brad Wilk Performing
Brad Wilk Performing

Zack quit the band in 2000. And on 13 October 2000, Rage Against the Machine performed their last concert at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in LA. The remaining members came together Audioslave. Once again, Wilk found himself in another band, which he played for until 2007.

When rumors of Rage Against the Machine appeared, Wilk seemed to have been waiting for the moment. They reunited and continued touring different parts of the world. Wilk continued working on different projects there henceforth that were quite successful. His contribution to hard rock metal cannot go unnoticed. He has worked on Black Sabbath’s 13th album, which was released in 2013. You can find his work anywhere if you want to know how good a drummer he is.

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