Roger Taylor, The Most Musical Drummer

Roger Taylor is one of the most musical drummers and a great singer.  Although many know him for his role in Queen, Taylor is a drummer confined to his kit. Rock n roll blood flows in his veins. He has been a great drummer since childhood picking up the passion seriously during high school.

Roger Taylor has always been a very active and vocal member of the band. He wrote famous hits “Radio Ga Ga” and “A Kind Magic. Also, he was the first artist to release a solo album in 1981. He has done five solo albums ever since, all of which have made him a successful musician. 

Roger Taylor 1
Roger Taylor

Taylor has an active approach that is confined to his music media mogul Rupert Murdoch. At one time, Murdock tried to, but Manchester United but Taylor funded supporters to stop the sale, which he succeeded. His rise to fame and one of the most popular drummers for rock bands started in the 1960s. This was the time when he teamed up with Brian May, and later John Deacon and another person to form Queen.

But before you understand his success, it would be prudent to consider his background. The drummer was born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, on July 26, 1949. His fascination with music started early in the 50s when he was still young. His family moved to Cornwall, from where he learned to play ukulele as his first instrument. He enjoyed a brief taste of things as a teenager, which exposed him to the world of fame.

By 1966, Taylor had already become an experienced drummer in Reaction, the most famous band in Cornwall. He had also become the lead singer. He always displayed the skills of a talented performer who would do many things. In 1967, Roger decided to study dentistry, but he kept a keen eye on music.  Even while in college, he continued working with different bands to keep up with the industry’s speed and demanding nature.

In 1968, he formed another group called, Smile with Brian May, a guitarist from Middlesex. The band played with energy over the next several years. But then, Roger has abandoned the desire to become a dentist. He continued working with Smile and changed the name to Queen. Queen is a band that represents the closeness that existed between Taylor and Mercury.

Roger Taylor Performing
Roger Taylor Performing

Also, he spent a lot of time in town observing how other bands performed. He came in contact with great names like Led Zeppelin, who inspired him to start writing songs for the band. Over the years, Taylor has worked on a wide range of projects that have placed him in the spotlight as one of the best drummers.

His contribution to metal drumming is remarkable. His band Queen is known all over the world. Those around him say he has a charming personality that keeps people closer. That could be one of the reasons for the success of his band. He is not just a drummer but an innovator who knows how to create great ideas.

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