Tarn Softwhip, the New Age Frenetic drummer of Aliz All-female Rock Band

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Tarn Softwhip is a unique and stunning female drummer. She was born on 19th April 1996 in Thailand.  She is famously known as Chanittha Lojananont. She is a new-age drummer ready to rock and get the world to a standstill.

Tarn Softwhip has exceptional talent, and her drumming moves are perfect. She owns a YouTube Channel, Tarn Softwhip, that has over one million subscribers. The overall view on her channel can rise to 140 million. This has made her receive sponsorship from several music brands that like her music.

Tarn Softwhip
tarn softwhip

Despite her age, Tran has brought a significant impact on the music industry. She owns a music school called Softwhip Music School. This has made her more famous and respected because there are so many young talents who need support. Tarn possesses some amazing drum techniques, which makes her get a lot of love from fans and fellow band members.

Tarn started loving music when she was still a young girl. She liked watching videos of different bands making their moves. However, despite all the instruments that are played in a band, she decided to play drums. Her parents were supportive; thus, they bought her the first drum set at her tender age. She had a drum teacher who taught her some techniques. She grew up knowing that the drums were her only true friends. The confidence that she has while playing her drums comes from her parents and the large fan base that she has built.

Tarn is currently a member of a famous band in Thailand known as Aliz Band. Aliz band is an all-female rock band, meaning that these ladies have their chances to make their best moves and dance all the time. Tarn revealed that all her bandmates are supportive, and they are ready to make each other famous. The band currently works under the Muzik Move Record, which makes them record music any time they think they are ready.

Apart from Tarn Softwhip, the band has Kankunat Panyakittanan (Nam), Playpha Charnakon (Lookwai), and Warangkana Meethong (Aung). Permsak Pisitsangkakarn, famously known as ‘Ope,’ selected Tarn and her fellow band members into the band. Ope is a producer and executive director of Muzik Move Records. Currently, the Aliz band has four beautiful singles that include goodnight, lost, among two others. The four singles made by this band are top-rated in the music industry of Thai and other parts of the world.

Tarn Softwhip Picture
tarn softwhip picture

Tarn became the first female drummer in Thailand to receive sponsorship from the renowned company Yamaha. Since 2017, she has been sponsored by Yamaha in two significant projects: Canon Rock Project and Bring me to Life. Due to her focus and dedication, she will continue receiving amazing gifts from Yamaha. Her music school has a good number of students who have enrolled to learn different things on the music platform.

Like any other new-age drummer, Tarn depends mainly on internet platforms to gain access to different parts of the world. She works tirelessly to produce the best music with her band and make her fan base more prominent than now. However, success in music comes with determination, focus, and dedication to your duty.

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