Simmons Sd1250

As a drummer, you must choose an electronic drum kit according to your needs and comfort. Well, one brand that you can choose is Simmons electronic drum set. Where this one brand has many choices with their respective advantages. For more details, you can see the review below.

Simmons Electronic Drum Set

Simmons SD600

The Simmons SD600 mesh-head kit with Bluetooth is ideal for players looking for premium features, an acoustic sound and feel, and the ability to expand, create and connect wirelessly. It is designed for drummers who want a rock-solid electronic drum kit for practice, rehearsal, and recording.

This Simmons electronic drum set includes toms, snare, and kick with double-layer, tension-able, dual-zone mesh heads for incredible responsiveness and a realistic acoustic drum feel. The pads on the SD600 steel rack can be adjusted to fit your playing style and setup. The SD600 steel rack’s tough design and solid construction ensure that your kit stays put so you can focus on drumming.

When you’re ready to broaden your sound and playing palette, the SD600 sound module comes with two extra pads or triggers. The module consists of the Simmons Signature Sound Library, which includes a wide range of drum voices, percussion, and electronic sounds spread across 35 preset drum kits, making it suitable for any style or genre. Users can also build and save up to ten fully customizable kits.

Multi-dynamic samples respond to your playing with Simmons’ advanced V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) technology, making your playing experience immersive and accurate. The SD600 comes with a large library of great-sounding multi-layered drum and percussion sounds, including multi-velocity, stereo cymbal sounds for a realistic acoustic sound and feel.

For complete control, wirelessly connect the SD600 sound module to your computer, tablet, or smartphone using the free Simmons iOS app. This includes editing of sound and performance, as well as kit customization. You can access a universe of iOS DAW and computer apps like GarageBand® and so much more via Bluetooth or USB. Record songs, use soft-synth and trigger samples, and access an infinite number of teaching apps at your fingertips.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • The iOS App includes play-along and practice modes.
  • For recording, use USB/MIDI.
  • Acoustic kit vibe
  • Amazing structure
  • Mesh pads with tension


  • There is no app for Android users.
  • Pedals tend to slide, and a Throne is not included.

Simmons SD350

The Simmons SD350 offers a larger-than-expected drum sound at a lower-than-expected price. This full-size, mesh-head electronic drum kit with 5 pieces is ideal for rehearsals, practice, and recording. Furthermore, the tension-adjustable mesh heads capture more nuanced playing than any other kit in its class.

The sound module comes with ten drum kits, 179 custom sounds, and ten songs. The 8-inch mesh heads provide an authentic drum feel, and the quick assembly design allows for quick and easy setups and tear-downs.

It’s ideal for first-time drummers or anyone looking for a full-size drumming experience on a budget, thanks to its simple navigation and preset multi-pin cabling. This Simmons electronic drum set gives you the power to play big drums without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the free, downloadable Simmons Basic iOS App provides practical teaching tools and unheard-of sound-editing capabilities at this price point. The class-leading Simmons Basic iOS App makes interacting with your new kit fun and easy, from kit selection and editing to game-like learning environments and “play along” functions.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Mesh heads responded well.
  • The drum and percussion sounds are good.
  • Excellent connections, including USB-MIDI.


  • It can be a little shaky.
  • The cymbal sounds aren’t perfect.
  • There are only a few sounds and kits available.
  • User sounds cannot be entered.
  • Foot pedals are not the same as real acoustic pedals.

Simmons SD1250

The SD1250 is a complete kit that includes four toms and a 12″ speaker “snare, and a mesh kick drum designed to accept your favorite single or double bass drum beater pedal, providing a comfortable feel right away. The 14th triple zone “A choke function is included on the ride and two multi-zone crash cymbals for dynamic effects. A variable pedal gives you complete control over the dual-zone hi-hat, achieving smooth semi-open sounds, trashy edge accents, splash, and more.

The Simmons SD1250 is designed to get you playing right away, with a rimshot sensor on the snare for optimal response to even the most nuanced playing. Use the included stand to adjust the height and angle for easy access.

This Simmons electronic drum set has several ways to connect to computers and apps, including USB, MIDI, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth can be used to connect wirelessly to apps such as Simmons Advanced, a free iOS app. Use the app to edit kits, play along with music from your library, or load your sounds into the module.

The SD1250 sound module has a large color LCD screen that displays a detailed view of kits and editing functions. Classic rock, modern pop, R&B, jazz, metal, and other styles are represented by 50 preset and 25-user drum kits. From quick mix changes to rugged, filtered sound designs, dedicated faders, knobs, and buttons make kit customization a breeze.


  • 14″ triple-zone ride cymbal.
  • 12″ speaker “snare.
  • Choke function on the ride.
  • Large color LCD screen.
  • USB, MIDI, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Simmons Advanced iOS app is compatible.


  • Some preset kits are not very usable.
  • No way to save user kits.

Simmons SD200

The Simmons SD200 electronic drum kit is ideal for aspiring drummers who require a full-sized kit for learning and practicing. It’s simple to dial up the perfect sound and start jamming with a simple button interface, 11 drum kits, and an extensive library of dynamic voices.

For realistic feel and response, this Simmons electronic drum set includes three 8″ rubber tom pads, a dual-zone, tension-able 8″ mesh snare pad, and crash, ride, and hi-hat pads. A built-in kick drum pad makes it easier to practice with minimal sound. The SD200 connects via USB MIDI to your computer, iPad, or iPhone, and the 1/8″ stereo AUX input lets you plug in your MP3 player or smartphone for practice and learning.

The Simmons Drums iOS app lets you select kits, customize sounds, and access various practice tools. The specially designed, rugged 4-post hex rack prevents pads from slipping when struck while allowing easy playing customization when needed.


  • Low-cost
  • Sound is superior to toys.
  • If you don’t have much space, it has a small footprint and can connect to your smartphone or tablet.


  • Small and unable to expand
  • Will not withstand daily play and punishment.

Simmons SD5x

Because of its sleek, user-friendly sound module interface and dynamic pad surfaces for an enhanced playing experience, the SD5X represents an exceptional value in electronic drum kits. The strong design allows for easy setup and transportation.

It supports USB/MIDI, has an MP3 input for “play-along,” and a headphone output for private practice. A great drum kit setup includes four drum pads and a kick pad. Cymbals can be adjusted in height and angle for a comfortable, custom-tailored fit.


  • The Simmons sd5x is a fantastic tool for both beginning and advanced drummers.
  • It’s simple to set up and use, even for those unfamiliar with electronic drums.
  • The electronic sound module has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to access the kit’s many features and options quickly.
  • The pads are responsive and well-made, with a long-lasting rubber-like coating that provides a great stick feel.
  • The included kick pad is large and responsive, producing a realistic thump when struck.


  • Because the kit only includes one cymbal pad, more advanced drummers may want to purchase additional ones separately.
  • There aren’t many effects or processing options in the sound module.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simmons a good electronic drum?

Yes, Simmons is a good electronic drum. It is simple to dial up the perfect sound and start jamming with a simple button interface, 11 drum kits, and a large library of dynamic voices.

Who makes Simmons drums?

Simmons Drums began with the founder, Dave Simmons, who started making custom electronic drum products for experimental musicians who wanted to add electronic sounds to their acoustic drum kits in the 1970s.

How much is a set of electronic drums?

Professional electric drum sets range in price from $4,000 to $8,000. Kits in this price range are intended for touring professionals — they’re as close to an acoustic kit as you can get without using real drums. Starting, you should get a cheaper electric drum set.

Is an electronic drum set good for beginners?

Electronic drums are ideal for beginners due to their training tools, ease of use, and large sample library. They’re also great for personalization, allowing the drummer to express themselves and learn as they go.


If you’re in the market for a new electronic drum kit, check out Simmons electronic drum set. They make some of the best sets on the market, and their prices are unbeatable. With some research, you’re sure to find the perfect set for your needs and budget. Thanks for reading!