Sonor Players Kit Set

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate choice for many players. It has awesome features that suit all players, from amateurs to professionals. Sonor Company made the player kit basing on the reviews given by different drummers around the globe.

The best manufacturer is the one who gives an ear to the views of their customers. The Sonor player drums are designed to last for an extended period. I bought my kit from a friend about seven years ago, but the kit looks like a new one.

The quality of sound given by this kit does not change even as the kit gets older. When I bought my kit, I tested it immediately, and the sound produced at that moment is the same now. My friends love this kit so much, and they have been convincing me to sell it to them.

Therefore, let us look at its features in detail so that those who have little knowledge of it can learn and even buy it.

Sonor Players Kit Review

When I bought my first Sonor player kit, I stayed indoors for almost a month because I enjoyed playing it. The kits have never changed since the day they were purchased apart from a little change of batter heads from the stock heads.

The Sonor player pack has a big bunch in a small footprint, making it more classic than other kits. The pack comes with drums with the following sizes: 20 x 12 bass drum (with tom mount and cymbal mount), 10 x 8 inches rack tom, 14×12 floor tom, and 14 x 5 inches snare drum.

This kit’s shells are made of high-quality 9 ply poplar shells that give the drums a very punchy and articulate attack. The Sonor Player kit is attractive and solid, making it the ultimate kit for someone involved in gigs frequently.

This kit is also suitable for a player who wants a drum set for practice sessions. The incredible thing with the Sonor Players kit is that it is moveable because of its size, thus suitable for carrying it around. However, the kit has no additional cymbals stands in the pack.

The Sonor Players kit is an addition to the Sonor’s compact line of drums. It comes in a pretty Galaxy Sparkle lacquered finish, and the compact size makes it transport friendly and makes it produce big quality sound.

Sonor Players kit is made of cross-laminated shells that offer superior stiffness, spectacular tone, and sonically impressive resonance. The Tune Safe lugs present in this kit ensures that tuning stays in place all time.

The Tune Safe also helps prevent tension rods from loosening during hard rim shots or where batter heads have been loosely tuned. With all these features, the kit is affordable, and you won’t have to break the bank to have it.


This 4-piece Sonor Player kit is suitable for all players because you can conveniently carry it around as their Bop kit. However, it has a large bass drum that sounds like a full-sized drum set. This makes the set to have a lot of sound and power when you have inadequate space to work with.

Each drum set comprises nine poplar plies to achieve a warm tone and very lightweight in this kit. The lightweight makes it convenient to be carried around by beginners who are not used to carrying heavyweights.

The amazing Sonor’s Tune Safe technology helps prevent the tension rods from loosening, even if the drum is tuned as low as it can reach. The double mounts included in the pack with the bass drum is equipped with one tom arm and one boom cymbal arm. This allows you to mount the rack tom and a ride cymbal right on the bass drum’s top.

The overall quality of the materials used to make this kit will amaze you. The kit gives value to your money because it gives you everything that you need. You can use this kit for an extended period, and nothing in it will change over time.

Drums’ sizes

Bass Drum: 20×12 kick drum

Floor Tom: 14 x 12 inches

Rack Tom: 10 x 8 inches

Snare Drum: 14 x 5 inches


This drum kit’s incredible thing is that all drummers can use all drummers’ lines, starting from children to professionals. You can get this product at off affordable prices from various dealers so that you can enjoy the best sounds and tones ever.

The kit is found in several shops in united states and you can get the location of any shop online. You will like the cymbals and hardware packs of this set. Guitars and keyboards of different brands are available.

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