Tama is one of the oldest drum manufacturing companies in the world. It was founded in 1965 by Hoshino Gakki and has grown into one of the largest brands.

Renowned players like Mike Portnoy, Stewart Copeland, and Simon Phillips endorse these drums. I have been playing Tama for several years now. Every product they have brought up so far has been excellent.

There are many drum set manufacturers in the world today. What defines each of them is the ability to create unique products to meet the ever-growing market demands. In this, Tama is among the leading brands.

Today, I will be looking at some of their greatest bass drums accessories.

Tama Double Bass Drum Set

Using a double kick drum for your kit is one way of expanding your drum set to offer a bigger sound. Whereas one could see such a kit as bulky, it’s the best way to make your drums set bigger and better.

I have owned an 8-piece Tama Imperialstar with two bass drums in the past, and I must admit it was one of the best kits I have ever used. It comes with everything a drummer needs to start playing at an affordable price.

The series offers a wide variety of choices in terms of configuration and finishes. You can get add-on drums, precisely-processed drum shells, and reliable, long-lasting hardware.

The Imperialstar attracts beginners more because of its price. But it’s also good for intermediate drummers who want to enjoy the fat sound of these kits.

They feature 100% poplar 8-mm 6-ply shells. This wood has been used to make drums for many years. It also comes with Tama’s L-Rod Omnisphere tom holder system that has become a favorite for many drummers.

The spur brackets and Tama Precision bearing edges make setting up this kit very easy and efficient.

Basic features include:

• A massive 8-piece configuration with 2 bass drums and five toms

• 6-ply 8-mm poplar shells with wrap finish

• Meinl HCS hi-hat, ride, and 2 crash cymbals

• Sturdy hardware

• Double bass pedals

• An adjustable throne.

Tama’s Bass Drum Head

You can have the best drum set in the world, but if the kick drum head is poor in quality, it’s nothing. In other words, choosing your drum head is key to producing the sounds you need.

As a beginner, you will find entry-level drum sets that come pre-set with drum heads. These heads are not mostly what you can call the best, especially when you consider their performance.

Tama produces a wide range of drum heads, which can be useful for those who need clearer sounds and better performance from their kits. Some of the best drum heads from this manufacturer include;

  • The Tama Star drum head
  • Starclassic drum heads 2010-model Starclassic Bubinga Elite & Elite EFX, Starclassic Performer B/B and B/B EFX, Starclassic Bubinga, Star Classic Maple, Starclassic Bubinga Omni-tune.
  • Starclassic 2009-model: Starclassic Bubinga Omni-tune, Starclassic Performer B/B EFX, Starclassic Bubinga, Classic maple, Starclassic Performer B/B.
  • Starclassic, Silverstar: Superstar Classic Silverstar Custom Silverstar.
  • Superstar: Superstar, Superstar Hyper-Drive, Superstar Hyper-Drive (2013).
  • Club Jam: Club Jam and Club Jam Mini, Club Jam Flyer, Club Jam Flyer (batter side).

All the heads are available in a variety of sizes from 18-inches to 26-inches, except the Clubjam series, which is 14-inches.

TAMA’s Bass Drum Front Head 22″, Black W Logo (BK22BMWS)

When looking for a good drum head, one must consider the manufacturer and features of that product. Tama is not a new name in the world of drums. They have been making great drums and drum heads for many years now, helping them grow into one of the biggest brands around.

This Tama front head 22-inch drum head comes in black with a white logo. It is a beautiful piece of art created with precision to impress and to perform.

Hence, the first thing you will notice on this drum head is its design and appearance. Tama takes note of every detail in their products to offer only the best, and this product is not different.

As a front head, it’s designed to withstand a lot of hits without breaking. This is why it’s made from the highest-quality material.

You can find this product in Bubinga, maple, birch, or a combination of different woods. The most important factor is how the company makes them strong, with a full bass blast.

Tonally, these drum heads vibrate with the seriousness of modern drumming. Even though the sound is subjective, any drummer will agree that these pieces do deliver the desired results.

It is designed to fit on any 22-inch kick drum. This means you don’t need to have Tama’s kick drum shells to use it. The head is just a great upgrade for your drum set.


• Versatile

• Durable

• Good quality


• It can be a bit pricy for some buyers

TAMA RF22BMST Bass Drum Front Head 22 Inches

Tama’s drum heads are simply great. Here is another good example of what the company has to offer.

I must admit that having used Tama’s drums for many years; I have grown very fond of them. I find it hard to get something else that would give me the results I need.

The RF22BMST is a 22-inch front kick drum head featuring single-ply wood 7.5 mm Poly-Spun Mylar. These heads offer a great tonal balance with excellent response.

The first thing you will notice on the drum head is the prominently displayed Tama’s logo. With this, everyone will know what you are playing.

These are Remo Fiberskyn 3 Powerstroke, 3-Diplomat bass heads crafted from a single poly-spun ply of 7.5mm Mylar film. There is a 10-mm underlay at the outer edge that dampens any bad overtones, with high pitches. Hence, you get a better-balanced response and more precise tones.


• Remo heads made from Mylar

• Strong

• Balanced tone with excellent response


• Nothing to complain yet

  • The price is a bit high for some users

Tama’s Bass Drum Pedal

The Team at Tama has worked tirelessly, investing time to produce some of the best kick drum pedals on the market. They offer different products to meet different drumming needs as per the drummer’s desires.

One thing is clear, though, that this is one of the best drum manufacturers around. Tama’s bass pedals include:

• Dyna-Sync series single pedal

• Dyna-Sync series Twin pedal

• Speed Cobra 910 single Pedal

• Speed Cobra 910 double pedal

• Speed Cobra Twin pedal for left-footed.

• Iron Cobra 900 line: Single pedal Power Glide, Twin Pedal Power Glide, Twin Pedal Power Glide left-footed, Single Pedal Rolling Glide, Twin Pedal Rolling Glide.

• Iron Cobra 600 series: Single Pedal Duo-Glide, Twin Pedal Duo Glide

• Iron Cobra 200 series: Single Pedal Power Glide, Twin Pedal Power Glide for Left-footed.

• Iron Cobra 310: Single pedal, twin pedal

• Standard single pedal HP30

• Classic Pedal HP50

For those who need affordable and yet high-quality kick drum pedals, consider the Iron Cobra 200-series. On the higher-end is the Iron Cobra 900 and the Speed Cobra 910.

These bass pedals are crafted from the best material around, making them durable and highly effective. They will deliver a performance like no other pedal would at their price range.

Tama’s Iron Cobra 600 Series Single Kick Drum Pedal

The Iron Cobra 600 carries a wide range of affordable and yet high-end drum pedals. This Single pedal comes from this line and bears some of the top-market features.

You will first notice that this product is crafted from the best materials for strength and durability. It is a beautiful piece of hardware that stands unique within your kit setup.


The Iron Cobras series single bass drums pedal features Duo/Rolling Glide cam for easy Adjustment. This feature also assures a smooth and consistent stroke. The drummer finds it easy to use the pedal, even with high-speed performance.

A double chain drive ensures you get enough power and accuracy. This is also a useful feature that ensures this pedal can last for long without breaking, no matter your playing intensity.

It comes with a newly designed hinge that delivers better precision and durability. There are not many pedals at this price range that will have such a feature.

You also find the Speedo-ring, which is another wonderful feature responsible for reducing friction. It achieves this by replacing the convention nylon rocker with a built-in, high-end ball bearing. This makes it easy for the drummer to play based on specific styles.

Most importantly, a drummer can choose the right action depending on their playing style, music environment, and personal choices.

The 600 Iron Cobra comes from an excellent line of quality hardware. Top-notch features and outstanding performance define them.


• Easy Adjustment, thanks to Duo/Rolling Glide

• Double chain drive

• Durable, thanks to the newly designed hinge

• Easy to use


• A bit expensive

Tama’s Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Single Kick Drum Pedal

The Iron Cobra line of hardware features the best products on the market. We find the mid-range 600 single kick drum pedal reviewed above and the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide bass pedal.

At a glance, you can think the new Iron Cobra is the same product produced 25 years ago at the same price. Several features are added to the 900 Power Glide that makes it a force to reckon with.


Top features on the Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide single bass drums pedal include A Rolling Glide CamLite Sprocket, a Quick-Hook spring attachment, Speedo-Ring rocker, Swivel Tight tension post, in Power Stroke Cobra beater, Para-Clamp II Pro 3-Piece in Hinged guard block, and a super stabilizer design. This pedal comes with every feature you would expect in a kick drum pedal and much more.

The Super Stabilizer design of this pedal offers a solid foundation for the drummer. It incorporates a wider baseplate and frame, assuring absolute stability.

Each pedal heel features a 3-piece Hinge Guard Block that provides the durability of the hinge point. It also lengthens the footboard for better leverage.

It’s the Power Glide cam that makes all the difference on the Iron Cobra. This component is now lighter, smoother, and feels more natural. It’s an off-set double-chained cam that accelerates the stroke powerfully as you work your way up to the kick drum head.


• Best-quality products

• Durable

• Top-performance

• Smooth operation


• Expensive

Frequently asked questions

Are Tama Drums Any Good?

Yes. The company has been on the market since the early 60s and has since grown into one of the biggest drum manufacturers around. Their drums are made from the highest quality materials. Even the cheapest entry-level kit will have better features than the competition.

Concerning sound, it depends on personal preferences and needs. But the drums do sound generally excellent.

Are Tama’s Drums Made in Japan?

Tama is a Japanese brand of drum kits and hardware. The company was started by Hoshino Gakki and has been around for many decades.

The drums designed for the US market are assembled and stocked at Hoshino, Bensalem, Pennsylvania. All drums are mostly made in Japan, but those for the US market are assembled in the country.

Some lines have been moved to China.

What Is the Best Tama Drum Kit?

Starclassic series is among Tama’s high-end line of products. They were originally hand-crafted in Japan until towards the end of 2009 when the company moved most of its productions to China.

Imperialstar is one of the best options for the beginner. The series comes as complete kits with everything a drummer may need to start playing.

What Is the Hardest Bass Drums to Play?

It depends on the sense you are basing you’re playing on. Bass-1 often carries the hardest rhythms to play. Drum 2 and 3 are harder on splits because they are mostly “upbeat.” And if you are playing fast continuous notes, you will find bass 5 the hardest as it does not have many rebounds.