When looking for a beginner drum kit, it’s always good to consider the features that come with it, especially the brand. Whereas most beginner sets are considered to be less quality, some are really great.

Tama is one the most experienced companies that make good drum sets. My first kit was a Tama when I was still learning about drums and what they can do. All my upgrades have been Tamas too.

The Tama Rhythm drums line is a beginner series of quality drum sets. If you are a beginner looking for a great kit, this should be a great option.

It comes with everything you will need to start playing. Above all, it’s one of the best quality drums out there.

Let’s look at what this series has to offer.

Tama Rhythm Mate drum sizes

There are not many beginner drum sets that can compare to Tama’s Rhythm Mate. The entry-level kit promises precise bearing edges for easy tuning, a feature that beginners find very useful.

One thing I found intriguing about this kit is its versatility. It comes in different drum configurations, helping you choose something that meets your needs.

My kit came as a full kit, with five shell pieces and hardware. It also had drumsticks and everything that one needs to start drumming right from the box.

The drums are configured as:

• 22 x 16-inch bass drum

• 10 by 7-inch tom-tom

• 12 x 8-inch tom-tom

• 16 x 15-inch floor tom

• 14 x 5-inch snare drum

This is the standard shell configuration, but you can find other custom setups with larger or smaller drums. For instance, the Hairline Blue kit Tama Rhythm Mate features a 20-inch x 16-inch bass drum. Other drums include a 10 x 7-inch tom-tom, 12 x 8-inch tom-tom, 14- x 13-inch floor tom and a 14-x 5-inch snare drum.

Tama Rhythm Mate Drum Kit Complete

Never compromise quality when looking for your first drum kit. Many will tell you to go for the cheapest products around, but you don’t want something that will break down before you learn everything about drums.

Unfortunately, that is what happens with many low-price started kits. They come with bad construction and low-grade material, which render them useless.

But that is not the case with Tama’s Rhythm Mate series. This is an excellent choice if you need a kit to start playing on and grow your skills faster.

The complete kit is configured with:

• One 22-ich bass drum

• 13 and 12-inch rack toms

• One 16-inch floor tom

• One 14-inch snare drum

• A hi-hat and crash cymbals

• Hardware pack

• HT10s throne

• HP10s pedal

Start playing right from the box

This kit comes with everything you need to start playing right from the box. Just choose the sticks you want and get ready to rock.

It comes with basic drums, stands, and a cymbal set. Tama has also included a wonderful drum stool and a bass pedal, making it even easier for you.

The HP10 pedal is perhaps one component of interest added here. It is adjustable, something you won’t easily find at this price range. In many cases, you are forced to upgrade your pedal to get the most from your kit. But with this, it will be long before you think about changing.

Tama says the Rhythm Mate drums are changing the way drummers perceive entry-level drums. They come with a precise bearing edge for easy tuning and assuring the perfect tone.

They feature 6-ply poplar shells, Accu-Tune bass drum hoops, double-braced hardware, and OMNISPHERE tom holders.

There is nothing to complain about them so far.

Tama Rhythm Mate 20″ White Complete Drum set

The precise bearing edge on Tama’s entry-level line Rhythm Mate makes the drums easy to tune. For a beginner, you don’t want anything that makes drumming seem complicated, which makes these pieces perfect.

The Rhythm Mate 20-inch White complete drum set offers everything you need to start playing. It is only the smaller bass drum that makes it different from other configurations in this line. Everything else remains the same, including the 14-inch snare.


Theine first thing you will notice on this kit is the beautiful construction. The bearing edge, Tama’s Accu-Tune bass drum hoops, and the double-braced hardware make the kit look professional. Traditional metal hoops are nothing compared to this new technology.

Accu-Tune tires tell of greatness. They are equipped with high-tech GRP material that ensures lighter weight; a faster, more stable tuning compared to the traditional metal hoops. Accu-Tune rings apply to tension screws instead of claw hooks and T-bars, which makes it easy to change the heads.

Most sets at this range don’t come with such a high-quality bass drum pedal. This adjustable pedal can be likened to Tama’s Iron Cobra Power Glide pedal.

The stable Tam, an Omniball system, ensures you can play the drums for a long time without any issues. And then there is the HT10s drum throne, manufactured with strength.


• Strong hardware

• A high-quality bass drum pedal

• A complete kit with sticks and stool


• Poor sounding cymbals

• Change the heads as soon as possible

Tama Rhythm Mate 2020 BLUE

Tama has never disappointed when it comes to building top-value products. Many drummers have loved the brand because of its quality.

And even with their entry-level Rhythm Mate, you can easily tell something special sets them aside.

This a complete set that comes with everything a drummer needs to start playing. Therefore, you won’t struggle to look for a drum throne or cymbals because they are all here.

The Hairline Blue finish is sure to make your kit stand out on stage. It sparkles in the stage lights, echoing the clarity of its shells as you play with your friends.

It may not be the best kit for professional use but does offer better performance than most cheaper beginner drum kits.

Like any other kit in this line, it is configured with poplar shells and chrome hardware. The shell surface is laminated, making them stronger and able to withstand strong hands.

All hardware is included, include a high-quality bass drum pedal. Most pedals are this range not good, and you may want to change them immediately. But this can serve you for a long time.

Original Accu-Tune bass drum hoops are included, making it easier and faster to tune the drums.

It also comes with accessories: a set of cymbals and a drum stool. You only need drumsticks, and you are ready to rock.


• Complete set

• Quality sounds

• Chrome double-braced hardware


• Poor quality accessories

• Changing the shells is a must

Tama Rhythm Mate RM52KH6, Charcoal Mist #CCM

Tama Rhythm Mate RM50YH6-BK « Drum Kit offers serious sound with a serious punch. This product comes from a famous line of high-quality entry-level Rhythm Mate drums from Tama. Hence, it carries everything you will need to start playing.

The Tama Rhythm Mate RM50YH6-BK « Drum Kit is a complete 5-piece drum set in Charcoal Mist finish. It features chrome hardware, which is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity.

It’s configured with a 22-inch bass drum, 10-inch, and 12-inch toms, 16-inch floor toms, and a 14-inch snare drum. This kit has changed the way entry-level kits are designed.

It features high-quality pappel shells finished with excellent craftsmanship. Everything about these drums tells of high-quality products and what Tama stands for.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced drummer, this kit could be just what you need to take your drumming to the next level.

In terms of sound, they give out a solid tone with some serious punch. It is configured with everything one needs to start playing immediately. This includes 5 standard-sized drum shells, a complete hardware pack, a stool, and a three-piece Meinl BCS cymbal set.

This wonderful kit’s main features are the Accu-Tune hoops, chrome hardware, and vintage-style bass drum legs.


• High-quality

• A complete set

• Chrome hardware


• Low-quality cymbals

Tama Rhythm Mate RM52KH6C

The Tama Rhythm mate line could easily be the best entry-level series on the modern market. There are many brand-producing drums for beginners, but most are not just good.

Tama brings down the quality of their higher-end products to this level. This is why you find features like the adjustable bass drum pedal.

Here is a five-piece drum set that features everything you need to begin your drumming journey. The first thing you will notice is the chrome hardware combined with Charcoal Mist finish. Accu-Tune hoops make tuning the bass drum and setting the whole kit in place very easy.

The package includes a hardware pack and a cymbal set beside a 22-inch bass drum, 10-inch and 12-inch toms, a 16-inch in-floor tom, and a 14-inch snare drum.

High-quality pappel shells are finished with excellent details to produce the best sounds on the market. There are very few entry-level kits that can compare to it.

You also get a pair of drum sticks, a drum throne, and a setup instructional video. Tama helps you learn a wide range of tricks to improve your skills.


• Chrome hardware

• A complete set

• Accu-tune hoops

• Excellent sound


• Bad-sounding cymbals

Tama RM52NFH5BK Rhythm Mate 5pc Black Drum Kit (discontinued clearance)

Tama’s Rhythm mate is not a new product in the market. These drums have been around for several years, which makes them very popular.

These entry-level kits have revolutionized how we look at beginner kits. They feature precise bearing edges that assure easy tuning, something that beginners will find very useful.

Tama RM52NFH5BK Rhythm Mate 5pc Black Drum Kit is a discontinued clearance product configured with a 22-inch bass drum, a 10-inch, and 12-inch toms, 16-inch floor toms, and a 14-inch snare drum.

Like most beginner sets, it comes every component you may need to start drumming. These include a double tom holder, a drum pedal, a snare stand, a straight cymbal stand, a hi-hat stand, and a drum throne.

This package does not include cymbals. Hence, it’s a bit different from the other sets reviewed above. But this should not even concern you very much, considering most entry-level cymbals are not good.

Tama’s Accu-Tune bass drum hoops make the kit lighter and easier to tune compared to classic metal hoops. The hardware has double-braced legs, which makes them stronger. That means you can play in any style and on any surface without worry.

Tama’s Rhythm Mate drums have broken the rules of entry-level kits, making them the best on the market.


• Chrome double-braced hardware

• High-quality shells

• Easy to tune


• No cymbals

• The drum throne is slightly weak

TAMA Rhythm Mate 20″ RM50YH6C-CCM Acoustic drum

It would be best if you never compromised when looking for your first drum set. There are indeed many options on the market, but that is what could be hard to choose. You need something that gives you great control and room for improvement.

Tama’s Rhythm Mate could be the right choice for you. These drums are made with the best materials and approach, changing the way we see entry-level kits.

This Rhythm Mate 20-inch RM50YH6C-CCM Acoustic drum is an excellent kit that comes with everything you need to begin your journey. It features a 20 x 16-inch bass drum, 12 x 8-inch and 14 x 13-inch tom, 14 x 13-inch gable and a 14- x 5-inch snare drum.

The shells are made from poplar, with a coated finish. It comes with a complete set of hardware, including a bass drum holder, a giraffe cymbal stand, a straight cymbal stand, a kick pedal, a hi-hat pedal, a snare stands, and a seat.

Also, you get three cymbals and Accu-Tune bass drum hoops.

TAMA Rhythm Mate 22″ RM52KH6C-RDS acoustic drum features a larger bass drum and a different. The Charcoal Mist finish on the 20-inch CCM makes it appear a bit dull but incredible.

You can get the TAMA Rhythm Mate 22″ RM52KH6C-RDS acoustic drum as a better alternative.


• Excellent construction

• Chrome double-braced hardware

• Quality sound output


• You may want to replace the cymbals

TAMA Rhythm Mate Drum Stick-Hickory-5B (HRM5B)

I never thought Tama drumsticks could be any good. It is only the drums I have used for many years, and they are very good.

Consider the quality of drums they make; it could be easy to assume that even their drumsticks are good. And you are not wrong.

Tama Rhythm Mate 5B Hickory Sticks offer the most convenient way to play your drums. They feel great and sound incredible right from their design.

They are made from hickory, which is a great piece of wood for making drums and accessories. You can play your drums for a long time, any style, and they will withstand the pressure.

Tama’s Rhythm Mate has revolutionized the world of beginner drum kits. They come with some of the best features on the market, making them perform like higher-end kits.

These drumsticks come from this line. They are molded with strict quality assurance standards from hand-picked wood material know for quality.

5B drumsticks promise a rich, full-volume sound. These sticks come with sharpened tips that deliver those subtle nuances when played at different angles.

They are lightweight, weighing 3.2 ounces and measuring 16- x 1.3-x0.7-inches. Hence, they are versatile enough to serve you in any music style.

One thing you will love about Tama is its focus on details. Every aspect of these drumsticks is designed to ensure the best performance.

Hickory sticks are more durable than maple ones.

Overall, these are good drumsticks for beginners and even experienced drummers. Besides, they are not part of expensive drumsticks.


• Good-quality

• Sharp tips for maximum rebound

• Durable


• Not popular

Tama Rhythm Mate 5A Hickory Sticks

Tama is known for building some of the best drum sets on the market. But they have also been making a wide range of high-quality accessories over the years, among them these 5A hickory drum sticks.

When choosing their first drum sets, more beginner does not think about the importance of choosing good drum sticks. Drumsticks choice is as important as choosing any other aspect of the drum set.

Picking the wrong pair of drumsticks can cause physical injuries and destroy your drums. This is why one must understand the differences between various sizes of drumsticks.

The letter A stood for orchestra, which means the drumsticks are made for playing in large concerts. 5A drumstick medium-sized, designed for all adults and older children.

They provide the best option to start building your strength. Hence, they are recommended for more for beginners.

Most importantly, these drumsticks offer greater control of balance and power. You will soon be playing with a larger drumstick and much faster once you master 5As.

But even in this category, there are variations, especially when looking at manufacturers. Tama’s drum sticks are crafted under strict quality control standards from carefully hand-picked wood materials. This is why they offer a wonderful performance.

You can always rely on Tama for quality, and these drumsticks are no different. They are good just as they are, and you would be happy to use them for your drumming experience.

This pair comes from Tama’s entry-level Rhythm Mate drums series, which has revolutionized the industry. They feature hickory wood with teardrop wooden tip. They measure 14mm x 406mm.


• Great quality drumsticks

• Strong and durable

• Versatile


• Wooden tips

• Not very strong

Final thought

Tama’s Entry-level Rhythm Mate is a series of products designed to offer the best on the market for beginning drummers. It may have a few cons, but the pros are more. Hence, I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good beginner kit.