Fred Below Feature

Fred Below, the R n B Beats drummer magician

The world of R & B greatly appreciates Fred Below elevating the status of the genre. Drumming R n B beats has already required a more subtle approach. Before the emergence of Motown’s Funk Brothers or Stax’s M.G.’s, the drummer has been a pivotal point in shaping the music in the mid-20th century. Fred Below

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Sheila E Performing Feature

Sheila E, A Glamorous female drummer for Life

Very few drummers can play while standing and singing at the same time. That is how powerful Sheila E was. It was long before people discovered the powerhouse in her, perhaps because Sheila E was initially marketed as one of the many set symbols in the Prince house. But she was one of the few

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Tony Allen Live

Tony Allen, the Drummer who Cross Generations

It is very hard to talk about the most influential drummers in history without mentioning Tony Allen. Tony Allen contribution to the music industry has been immensely appreciated across generations. His dedication to making quality music was just something everyone would love to have. At one instance, Afrobeat co-inventor Fela Kuti told commended his playing

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James Gadson Feature

James Gadson, The Most Influential Drummer In Los Angeles

James Gadson was one of the most influential drummers in Los Angeles during the 1960s. He became very instrumental with his energetic approach to drums. James Gadson originally hailed from Kansas City but moved to Los Angeles, where is grew his career. James was known for his innovative ways of making every music he worked

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Cindy Blackman Feature

Cindy Blackman, one of the best female drummers of all time

Cindy Blackman is proof that drumming does not know gender boundaries. Her imagination and the dazzling technical gifts she displays puts her on top as one of the best female drummers of all time. And she remains among the best drummers in modern times. Cindy Blackman was one of the main reasons Lenny Kravitz’s live

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Clifton James

Clifton James, One of The Caucasian Kids Who Dropped Beethoven

The history of top drummers has always come down the group they worked with and the musicians they played for. And Clifton James is one drummer who deserves respect for his contribution in the 1950s and 60s music. One of Clifton James most outstanding performances came with the record ‘Bo Diddley,’ in 1955 by eponymous

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Carlton Barrett Feature

Carlton Barrett, One of The Most Innovative Reggae Drummers

Carlton Barrett has been defined as the most innovative reggae drummer. His tumbling tom-toms followed by a high, whip-cracking snare that launched a number of tracks. For many years, the best drummers helped some of the tom musicians create incredible music. Carlton Barrett was not just a drummer; he was also an inventor who came

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Carmine Appice Feature

Carmine Appice, an incredible team player

A drummer is the most important member of a brand. You can never find a band that does not have the metals. But it helps even more when the drummer is an incredible team player. And that is what defined Carmine Appice. Carmine Appice was a very valuable team player as he worked with bruising

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Dave Grohl Feature

Dave Grohl, from Nirvana to Foo Fighters, one of the best rocker ever

“Drumming requires more than just energy and knowledge.” Said Dave Grohl, “it is an art that calls for creativity and innovativeness.” And that is the kind if the drummer Dave Grohl was. Dave Grohl creativity and ability to innovate new approaches whenever needs arise, placed him at the top as one of the greatest drummers

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Earl Palmer Feature

Earl Palmer, the Greatest Hits Drummer

Earl Palmer is one of the most recorded drummers of all time. He worked with so many musicians he states it is hard to keep up with the records he has done. One thing that makes Earl Palmer stand out is that he was not just an artist but also a craftsman who dedicated his

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Steve Gadd Feature

Steve Gadd, and his Thunderous Drumming Style

When you think about drummers with a talent, Steve Gadd should come in your mind. Hence, Steve Gadd stands as a legend in his own rights. And there is no better way of describing him that what Pete Fairclough said. The British jazz drummer stated that: “Steve Gadd does not just play a groove; he

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Elvin Jones Feature

Elvin Jones, a metronome in his blood and hands

The name Elvin Jones is new in the musical realm. The drummer was born in 1927 and raised to a musical family in Pontiac, Michigan. Elvin Jones was one of the first musicians to define a drummer’s role and how they are supposed to react. His playing, with a few other changes, defined how to

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Levon Helm Feature

Levon Helm, a Legendary Singing Drummer

There are very few legendary singing drummers in the music industry history, and Levon Helm is one of them. When Max Weinberg wrote his book, The Big Beat in 1984, he could not help it but pay tribute to this legend. The inspiration came Helm’s unrivaled masterpieces like “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,”

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Ian Paice Feature

Ian Paice: Deep Purple, Enthusiasm, and Commitment

When you talk about musicians that have really left a mark in the industry, the name of Ian Paice will always feature at the top. This is a drummer who gave his all in offering the best anyone could get in the hard-rock world. It is always his enthusiasm and commitment to drums that made

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Bernard Purdie Feature

Bernard Purdie, Also Known as Mississippi Bigfoot

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie was commonly known by his nickname “Mississippi Bigfoot.” This made many to think that perhaps he came from Mississippi. However, this prolific studio drum player was born and grew up in Mary Land. Later, he moved to New York in the early 60s, where his interesting drumming was fueled. At first, he

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Terry Bozzio Feature

Terry Bozzio, more than just a technique-virtuoso

When it comes to defining the greatest drummers ever, it is all about looking at the bands they played for and who inspired their work. Terry Bozzio played for the Rolling Stones, and he made his name working alongside Frank Zappa. For the best part of the mid-to-late seventies, the drummers have the best opportunity

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