Best Double Bass Pedal: Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to playing drums and getting the best sounds, nothing works better than having the perfect gear and optimal drum accessories. And in this case, you need the best double bass pedals in the world. 

However, there are so many products on the market today; sometimes it may become overwhelming. But in this guide, I am going to make things easy for you.

Getting the best bass pedal for your drum set determines how good you play. Playing the bass pedal is one of the techniques popular among many music genres. But metal head drummers employ it the most.

So, whether you are having trouble with your shivel and heel-toe, or you just want the top speeds, a good kick pedal will sort you out.  

What is the best double bass pedal for the money?

Mapex 500

Mapex 500
Mapex 500

The Mapex 500 is perhaps the cheapest, most application double bass pedal you will find out there.

The price is so low that I was at first, not sure whether I should take it or not. But I had to try it anyway, and I discovered it is quite functional.

Well, you cannot expect advanced features like replacing the cam or changing the height on the pedal. But it offers a perfect getaway to start playing right away. The pedal does not come with many issues for configuration like you would find in many advanced ones. 

You can change the basic settings to your liking, though. For instance, adjust the spring tension or the beater height. Also, you can shift the beaters from the felt to the plastic surface. The earlier brings out a well-rounded sound while the latter makes louder, more pronounced output.

The Mapex comes as a single chain double bass pedal. And this is what differentiates it from more expensive pedals. 

A single chain means the board is attached to the beater using one chain. It can also be achieved using two chains: either, side by side (or chain drive, using a strap (belt drive) or using a piece of metal (also, direct drive).

As you may have already guessed, single-chain is for a cheaper pedal, while the double chain is more expensive. But they are still good. 

Even they are not as durable; you will discover single chain pedals are easier to control. But I would not recommend them for a speedy player.

There have been complains about their durability. In my case, I used them for quite a while without any big issues. Besides, with such a low price tag, you cannot expect them to last much longer. 

These bass drum pedals are highly recommendable for beginners. It will give you the muscles you need to work with more advanced products.

Pearl Demonator (P932)

Pearl Demonator P932
Pearl Demonator P932

If you are looking for a better alternative to the Mapex above, then this Pearl demonator should be great. I have loved this piece because it comes to the best features for the money.


One of the most incredible features of the Pearl Demonator is its design. It is really nice.

Even though you will not get the best speed control from it, the looks can motivate you to practice. I always encourage beginners to look at the features of their gear. Simple things like nice looks can go a long way. 

The Demonator comes with a longboard. That means its hing features at the end of the footboard. Hence, everything is just a playing surface. And this is the best feature if you are using rocking motions, which offers fast double bass patterns. Such a “heel-toe technique” comes in handy for fast players. 

The pedal is highly responsive when playing. Only that it is a single chain, this may be a downside, but also it comes with a fair amount of control.

These are tiny differences that don’t make much effect for beginners. And even more, intermediates will not feel it.

It is configured with a felt and plastic tunable beater. It also comes with an adjustable beater height. I like its most advanced features:

  • You can adjust its tension with a click at the bottom. This feature eliminates the stress of turning the screws. As a simple switch opens the lock, then you can spin the dial and close the lock.
  • Also, it comes with offset and liner cam. An offset cam is not evenly shaped, which means you cannot get the even acceleration. But it gains towards the end of the stroke for a better kick sound. 

As a drummer, you can easily leave out the offset cam. The liner cam in evenly shaped and that should give you more control. 


  • A great design 
  • For heel-toe players
  • Click lock for frustration-free tension setting.
  • Switch between offset and linear cam


· Single chain 

Tama Speed Cobra HP310

Tama Speed Cobra Hp310
Tama Speed Cobra Hp310

Just from the name, the Tama Speed Cobra gives you a speedup. This is the little brother of the Cobra 910. 

The more expensive version comes with a difference in detail. And different beaters will provide you with different experiences. Also, the cobra coil really stands out. It is simply a spring under the board that increases rebound speed for faster tempos.

This is an excellent weapon for fast double players. The Speed Cobra will get you more than 250 beats per minute. 


This is among great double bass pedals for the budget. It has features similar to the Peal Demonator, especially on the board. However, it is a bit longer compared to normal pedal, which gives you leverage for quick heel-toe action.

The footboard is a bit pulled back. And this is what makes the Speed Cobra special. This means you will need to use less force for a powerful kick.

And even better, its sprocket is lighter than normal. Therefore, it gives you less power and more endurance. That is perhaps everything you may need to get yourself the best drumming experience.

There is nothing special on the configuration. Despite that, the pad allows the player to adjust the beater angle. Also, work on the spring tension or change the beater between felt and plastic. 


  • It comes with improved footboard and a light sprocket, hence faster
  • The longboard means quicker heel-toe doubles
  • Double chain give it more responsiveness


· The cam is unchangeable. 

Yamaha DFP-9500D

Yamaha Dfp 9500d
Yamaha Dfp 9500d

Yamaha is one of my favorite brands for music instruments. And most of their products come with quite cool names, but the Yamaha 9500.

Despite this, the product has some features you will never find in any other device; a direct drive.

Whereas other pedals come with a flexible chain, the Yamaha 9500 comes with a sturdy metal that connects the footboard to the beater. There is a perfect link from the start of the stroke to the end of the metal bridge. 

This feature gives it a better rebound than the double chain ones. A single chain is obviously the cheaper option. 

Therefore, you can expect the best features with the direct drive. Those who play with speeds of 250 beats per minute and more have given it many positive reviews. All this comes with a small-scale precision.

The only issue with a direct drive pedal can be hard to control when the tempo becomes slower. This is especially so for those who play heel-up. 

It is, however, the best choice for heel-down players. This is because it provides the power needed for heel-down playing.

So, it may not be as great as many markets it, unless you play with the right technique.

Other features

It is not only the chain drive that draws many drummers to this product. For instance, a player can adjust the beater tension and height. Also, one can turn the beater to play as the felt or plastic area.

It may not be that too exciting. However, this is everything a drummer will need to make their experience better.

About the price

Among the models I have reviewed above, this is the most expensive. I used to think it was perhaps because of the drive feature. But other double-chain drives costs much cheaper, yet with similar characteristics. 

I tend to think there is nothing much that justifies this price. 

Yamaha is a big brand, and may this is why the device seems about on the higher side. 

However, it still offers meets value-for-money compared to high-end options. And the fact that it comes with the most functional features, you can tell it is a wonderful double bass pedal.


  • This is the cheapest direct-drive pedal on the market.
  • The configurations are easy, including spring tension.


  • A bit too pricy
  • The cam cannot be changed.

Pearl P2052C Eliminator 

Pearl P2052c Eliminator
Pearl P2052c Eliminator

Pearl has a good reputation for drums and drum accessory production. And therefore, no one can deny the P2052C Eliminator will not disappoint.

If you are looking for a bestselling double bass pedal on the current market, then you have one in this product.

And based on the price tag, it is truly a double-bass pedal for the money. It is designed for some of the most advanced technology and built.

Pearl has invested greatly in technology for musical instruments. They use the highest craftsmanship in every product that comes on the market. 

And the best part is, it is a dual chain-driven pedal. One can easily see whay it is a bit higher than the other on this list.

It features Pearls patented Click-Clock. This is a characteristic common with the Eliminator Redline series. The board comes with coating on the surface, giving it more grip. You will also experience the most unbelievable NiNja skateboard industry bearing. 

Many drummers enjoy these features, and it is easy as to why people love them so.

The four-sided quad control beaters increase options for your playing. You can play in different positions. 

Again, the spring suspension is free-swinging. This makes them wonderfully smooth. The universal joints come with very quiet action.

One of the reasons I like this product above many others is that you can adjust it. Also, it could be the cheapest high-end double bass pedal on the market.


  • It comes with free-swinging suspension, hence a great response
  • Redline surface for grip 
  • Silent universal joint
  • Power shifter 


· It might be a bit for many users 

What is the best double kick pedal?

DW 9000 series Double Bass Pedal

Dw 9000 Series Double Bass Pedal
Dw 9000 Series Double Bass Pedal

Anyone who has been in the drumming industry for a while will agree the DW 9000 double bass could be the greatest feat of bass pedal construction so far.

I could not believe there could be such a great pedal on the market until I met the beast. The model has remained unchanged for over a decade; it retains its place at the top as the best of the best.

Playing this pedal feels great, especially, with its sturdy operation.

It is easy to see why. DW is an innovative brand. This particular device comes with an ‘infinite adjustable cam.’ This means the player can change the am fast and efficiently. Using this feature, you can create different playing feelings under your feet.

It comes with a patented floating shivel spring. This reduces the resistance between upstrokes and down-strokes, which all results in the smoothest response.


  • Highly stable, with the non-slip metal base
  • A smooth feeling when you play
  • Substantial under the foot.
  • It is greatly versatile, making it favorable for everyone who enjoys jazz as well as prolific metal drumming.


  • The best double base on the market
  • Near perfect engineering
  • Weighs perfectly and smooth
  • The most versatile pedals
  • Sturdy construction


Some players have complained of a heavy feeling under the foot.

Pearl Demon Drive

Pearl Demon Drive
Pearl Demon Drive

The Pearl Eliminator Demon is an iconic pedal. Pearl is a leader in the manufacture of many musical instruments. And this device does not disappoint. It comes with a direct drive linkage, which provides an excellent attachment between your ideas and the bass drum shell.

According to Pearl, this is am ‘extension of your body.’

I could not underestimate this product. They offer a highly impressive fast-playing capability. The direct-drive linkage makes sure this happens. Also, it comes with other innovative features you may find quite inspiring.

The ninja-bearings are so smooth you won’t feel any glitch while playing. Hence, they give you the highest quality control.

The core beater is designed to reduce vibration and deliver a perfectly organized bass drum beats.

Also, it features a unique and innovative duo-deck longboard footboard. This features quickly helps you shift between the normal-sized footboard and a longboard as you prefer.

It also comes with extensive levels of adjustments, enabling you to tap into the best of both worlds. It does not matter the genre you are playing; you have at all under control.


  • Duo-deck longboard
  • Direct drive
  • Comes with high-tech features


· Not every drummer enjoys the direct drive

Tama Speed Cobra

Tama Speed Cobra
Tama Speed Cobra

Tama’s product has never disappointed, and the Speed Cobra is no different. It is a ferociously, powerful pad. It comes with a longboard, which means you get maximum power.

You will feel a rapid acceleration on the power and speed without much struggle.

It comes with innovative characteristics, like Speedo Ring, Cobra Coil, and LiteSprocket. All these are geared towards improving your performance.

Also, it is highly responsive. Tama constructs this device with the highest quality materials. It features a highly robust base plate. and The para-clamp grips every bass drum hoop quickly.

In my opinion, this is a powerful bass pedal for high power achievement using the least effort.


  • Good engineering 
  • Powerful and articulate kick strokes
  • Powerful speeds
  • Value for money 


· The design of the hoop clamp is quite disappointing 

Trick Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Bass Pedal

Trick Pro 1 V Bigfoot Double Bass Pedal
Trick Pro 1 V Bigfoot Double Bass Pedal

This is a simple, yet remarkably nice bass drum pedal. It has a cutting edge design that does not, unfortunately, cheap.

I have seen many remarkable double bass drum pedals and can say this is one of the best. 

It comes with compression springs house ins small unit on either side of the frame. This feature helps the drummer make quick and easy adjustments on the tension. It also gives up enhanced performance.

The shaft comes from solid titanium and pedals. It also comes with aluminum and steel components, which are quite sturdy.

It comes with an instant response, which is quite incredible. With such a response, you get zero latency between your brain and the bass drum.

For those of us who enjoy futuristic, advanced technologies, there is on in the product. 


  • Top-notch technology 
  • Great speeds
  • Fully customizable
  • No latency


  • Not for versatile music genres 
  • Very expensive 
  • Technically complex

Axis Longboards X

Axis Longboards X
Axis Longboards X

Axis has built these double bass pedals for speed. The brand has been a market-leader for great longboard and direct drive pedals for over a decade.

This is a double kick pedal built from aircraft-grade aluminum and steel. These components tell all you need to know about the quality of this device.

It comes with a direct drive, which gives an excellent response to the bass drum shell. Besides, it is wonderfully smooth, fast, and consistent.


  • Made with US quality parts
  • No latency responses 
  • Provided great fun when playing 
  • Pioneer longboard pedals 


  • It is not compatible with all styles of music.
  • Some drummers don’t like its design 
  • Its quality is not that great compared to the other on this list

The buying guide for double bass pedals

Double bass pedals have become extremely popular among drummers. And based on the products reviewed above, it is easy to see that there is all sort of products on the market.

Hence, one needs to get nothing but the best. Consider the following. 

Do I need a double bass pedal?

Every drummer that switches to double bass pedals is in for a wide range of benefits. These pedals are highly responsive, a feature that makes it easy to produce the desired sounds. 

If you are a heavy metal drummer, then you will find the best use of the bass pedals. This type of music requires vigorous playing, with rapid-fire techniques. And this is why the pedals are very popular with rock drummers. 

But for those who specialize in other genres of music, you may not need these pedals. But you can still use them to refine your skills. 

What to consider when buying a double bass pedal

When you consider buying the best double bass pedal, it all about what you want to produce in the end. Consider the following tips:

– Decide between Single-Chain and Double-Chain

The main difference between the two is responsiveness. A single chain is intended for different music genres. They are much cheaper yet applicable.

A double-chain bass pedal can be really nice for progressive metal. It is therefore recommended for lightning speeds.

– Ability to adjust the pedal

Whether you choose a single or double chain, never forget to look for adjustability. All double bass pedals require adjusting at some point. 

Hence, its ability to change a few features will tell you whether it is what you are looking for. Yet, the level of adjustability varies from product to product. 

High tension translates to an electric beater. But this may not be for you.  

Some accessories and the feel

More expensive pedals come with a longer lifespan and wear and tear resistance. They mostly come with some nice accessories.

Therefore, even when you are going for mid to low-budget sections, at least weigh your options in terms of features. 

Also, you should not underestimate the importance of feeling. Double bass pedals don’t need breaking in period that means if you have tweaked and adjusted everything, and yet the pedal doesn’t feel right, then it is not for you. 

No matter the genre you are playing, the feel is paramount. 

Final word

These are the best double bass drum pedals for your money, and for the features. Depending on your needs, any of the products will give you great playing experience. You only need to find your favorite pedal and invest wisely. 

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