For drummers, we find ourselves in many different gigging situations. Hence, accessories like sticks, brushes, mallets, and rods are very crucial to a drummer.

And sometimes, carrying these items without a good drumstick bag can be really hard. It would be best if you had something that will not only keep your stick safe but ensure you can easily move around with them.

It is also not only drumsticks and mallets you carry to the stage; there is a bunch of other stuff that goes into the bags. Your dampeners, drum keys, bass drum patches, tape, and backup parts are all crucial to a drummer’s life.

All these situations can be handled by a good drumstick bag. It is a one-in-all solution for all your storage needs.

Unfortunately, there are so many bags on the market that makes it hard to choose. In this guide, I will make things easy for you by discussing a few good bags you can find out there.

Why do you need a drum stick bag?

Before you start wondering about the best drum stick bag, it is important to understand why you need them.

As experienced drummers, we have already been in various situations where we understand these items’ vital importance.

Drum stick bags are not just like any other accessories. They are not just for carrying your sticks as there are many other reasons you should have them and they can also be the best gift for drummers.

Keep your accessories safe

I cannot even recall how many times I have lost my drum keys. Every time I get to the stage, I have to check and make sure they are safely stored somewhere, I can easily reach.

I have often forgotten them at home while going for a gig, or on stage after a performance. It isn’t very pleasant to need one on the stage or in the studio, only to discover you did not carry any.

Drum stick bags can be your ultimate solution. Since the bags are very portable, you can carry them anywhere you go so that everything you need is always in one position.

Did you know that water can destroy your drumsticks and other accessories? Many drumsticks are made withwaterproof materials. This means even if you get caught up in the rain, you don’t need to worry so much.

Storing drums, sticks, dampeners, drum keys, and backup parts in the same bag as your drum shells canbe bad. The last thing you want is scratches on your drum shells or on other components. And this happens a lot if you keep everything in the same place.

Keep them in reach

Having a drumstick bag means your drums stick, and other accessories are always close to you. Many of themare designed for easy storage, which makes it easy for you to keep your items whenever you want.

Wait until your drumsticks drop, or break while performing, then you will realize just how important itcarries extra ones, which leads to you having a good drum stick bag.

10 Best Drum Stick Bags Reviewed

Different manufacturers have come up with different solutions for drumstick bags. Go online today and search for drum stick bags. You will be surprised at just how many options there are. But you cannot use all of them, and not all are good either.

The best way to know good bags from an online store is by considering the reviews from other users. They give you a better clue at a product that can serve you best, helping you narrow your search.

In the reviews below, I have selected ten of the best drum stick bags on the market. I based my research on what I have and what other users are saying about them.

Mono M80 Drum Stick Bag

This bag is an excellent investment for any drummer who is tired of poor quality bags that get destroyed easily. It is designed for practical professional use, which is why they are top on this list. They are among the most expensive stick bags, but you won’t feel the pain once you discover how useful

it is. The bag is constructed from military-grade material, ensuring superior durability and performance. It comes with a sleek profile and can store up to ten pairs of drumsticks.

The M80 comes as a perfect complement to the M80 cymbal case from MONO. They are both designed from the same quality.

The bag has three separate compartments for the sticks and other items. This helps you organize your spares; you can also expand the out pocket to carry other electronic devices.


  • High quality and design
  • Durable and functional
  • Best product


  • It comes at a very high price

Vic Firth Drum Stick Bag

Vic Firth is one of my favorite manufacturers for drum accessories. This deluxe Vic Firth Drum Stick Bag is a good representation of their quality. Any drummer will be more than happy to have the bag.

It features a faux-leather vinyl with double stitching that ensures water resistance and resistance against wear and tear.

This bag is large enough to hold up to 24 pairs of drum sticks, brushes, mallets, and other personal belongings. It has two small accessory pockets inside, apar from other larger pockets outside. The bag can be fastened mon the floor tom using retractable clips to ensure you always have the items near you.

Besides, it is made from significantly high quality. It is stronger than other made from the traditional nylon material. This product is made for pro drummers who want versatility in how they carry their components.


  • Best for professionals
  • Very large space
  • Superior quality construction


  • It is quite expensive
  • Not very portable

Meinl Percussion Drum Stick Bag

Everyone in the drumming industry knows who Meinl is. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of drums and drum accessories useful for the modern drummer. As such, you can expect the best quality from the Meinl Percussion Drum Stick Bag.

If you don’t have the money to invest in the two products above, this budget stick bag is a great option. It comes with high-quality features and a durable build.

It would help if you had this stick-bag in your collection. The bag comes with plenty of room for many pairs of sticks and mallets and other accessories. The bag is a multi-functional solution at a great value. Despite being affordable, it comes at a very high quality.

It is attached easily on the retractable floor tom hooks, making it easy to access your sticks.


  • Best budget stick bag
  • Easy hooking on floor toms
  • High build quality


  • The outer pocket does not fully seal
  • Not of premium quality

Pro-Mark Transport Deluxe Drum Stick Bag

Talk of the best affordable drum stick bag and Pro-Mark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag will not miss in the mention. It is one of the most affordable drums, with plenty of room for your drumsticks, mallets, drumming accessories, and many other items.

The bag is constructed from weatherproof nylon synthetic leather for a luxury feel and durability. This bag will withstand wear and tear, giving you a long time of service. In terms of functionality, the bag has lots of practical features, like a large front zippered pocket, a leather business card slot, and many others to make your storage very easy.


  • A lot of space
  • Many useful features
  • Good build quality and design


  • Some users have complained of low-quality zippers.

Protection Racket Professional Drum Stick Bag

As the name suggests, Protection Racket Drum Stick Bag is a product designed for professional use. It is for those who need a lasting solution for their accessories.

The stick bag comes with a very simple design and does not have too many features. However, it is all about simplicity while delivering high-end service. The bag will see you through the rigors of touring with up to 10 pairs of sticks.

The bag is manufactured with a professional from Protection Racket, a company that makes pro cases from touring musicians. You can, therefore, be sure of its quality.


  • Hardwearing and functional
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Best quality


  • It does not have storage compartments

Tama Powerpad Drum Stick Bag

Tama Makes good drums and accessories. And this Powerpad Drum stick bag is no different.

If you are looking for ultimate portability in a drum stick bag, this is one you can never go the wrong one. It is stylish and hardwearing, with the ability to carry up to 6 pairs of sticks and a few other small accessories.

It’s designee slim, with two zipper openings, ensuring you have easy access to your accessories. And since it comes from the best companies, you have every reason to trust its quality.


  • Slim and stylish profile
  • Best portable stick bag
  • High quality


  • Does not have a lot of space

Andoer 600D Water-Resistance Drum Stick Bag

It is always a good idea to invest in a drum stick bag that you can use for years. And in this case, the Andoer 600D is a good choice.

This water-resistant bag comes with a soft-side design and is padded with a good amount of cotton to shield your sticks from bumps.

The user can easily hang it on drums by its two inside straps. It has two separate compartments for keeping other small items.


  • Good quality
  • Affordable and useful stick bag
  • Portable


  • It has a lousy zipper on it

YMC DSB10-BK 10mm Foam Drum Stick Bag

This is another durable drumstick bag that will carry up to 10 pairs of sticks for you. It also has enough space for mallets, brushes, and similar accessories.

It also comes with a carrying handle and a front porch and an oversize zipper for easy use. There are three inner vertical pockets and a mounting clip that lets you attach it on a floor tom. You can also choose from a wide array of colors based on personal preferences.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Nice looking
  • Long-lasting


  • Don’t expect pens and drumsticks with the package

Promark Transport Deluxe

This Promark Transport Deluxe stick bag is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. It comes with all the best features at an unbeatable price. It is not only its functionality that makes me love the bag. It may also be the most stylish bag you have ever seen.

The bag can carry up to 12 pairs of drumsticks depending on their size. You can easily attach to the floor tom, ensuring easy access to your accessories.

The bag is made from ‘ballistic’ nylon, which protects it from harsh environments. It also features a form of synthetic leather for durability.


  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Good quality


  • Some users have complained of a lousy zip

Zildjian Basic Drumstick Bag

If you love Zildjian cymbals and other accessories, you will definitely have a good time with this bag. However, I am not very enthusiastic about their drumsticks, and especially this stick bag.

There is nothing wrong with the bag, really. It is just that there is so much one would expect from such a huge company that is not in these bags.

Despite that, it is still a good quality bag, and you can use it for a very long time. You can count on the quality of the brand.


  • Good quality from a reputable brand
  • Enough space for your sticks
  • Affordable


  • Lacks a lot of features

How to make a drum stick holder

A drum stick holder is an essential component for every drummer. To make one, you will need a clean, empty plastic bottle, a sturdy fabric pattern of your choice, sewing items, and scissors.

Hack of the ends and swatch it. Cut the main piece of a rectangular 13 by 22 inches, wrap it around the bottle core and make two fabric ties in the same matching fabric. Fold them and sew around the bottles Not you can add in your pockets, and you are good to go.


As a drummer, a stick bag is one of the accessories you should never miss on your collection list. It does not only help you keep the sticks and accessories safe, but ensure easy access as well. The bags reviewed above are all the best quality, and hence, it should make things easier for you.

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