Bobby Jarzombek, The Juggernaut of Metal

In most cases, people will only recognize the lead vocalist and the guitarists in a band. Drummers, who, by the way, do a lot of work in every performance, are often in the background, not to be recognized. However, there are those bands in which you will always recognize the drummer’s effort. One such drummer is Bobby Jarzombek.

Bobby Jarzombek
Bobby Jarzombek

Bobby Jarzombek is one of the most decorated drummers in the world of metal music. When Mike Portnoy left the group, he was asked to audition for the spot in Dream Theater. But he passed on the chance anyway, for reasons only known to him. This also shows how dedicated and selfless a drummer he is, always leaving chances to others who need them the most.

We can all agree that metal is not a very easy music style. It requires speed, energy, and a higher level of understanding for drums. Jarzombek is one of those drummers who has always amused many. Some of his best works date back to 1987 when he was still young. If you have ever listened to the five tracks off Riot’s excellent “Thundersteel,” you already know what a drummer he is.

Jarzombek started learning drums at an early age alongside his brother Ron, who plays guitar. His first steps into the light started with the technically amazing Spastic Ink. He also worked with other great teams like Fates Warning, Halford, and Sebastian Bach.

He is best known for his work in the progressive metal band Fates Warning and as a vocalist for Sebastian Bach.  It is quite amazing how the drummer has kept a high level of professionalism all along, delivering unique styles with each performance.

Every drummer is recognized for something unique they do.  It could be their speed or how they hold their sticks. Jarzombek, in this case, is noted by the unique way he positions his cymbals. They are usually behind him, over his left and right shoulders. This seems like an impossible setup, but it’s what he uses to deliver a high sense of quality in each piece.

Early life and career

Bobby Jarzombek On Stage
Bobby Jarzombek On Stage

Jarzombek was born and grew in San Antonio, Texas, from a very musical family. He picked up drumming at the age of ten, motivated by a $14 kit from his mother as a gift. He soon started jamming alongside his two brothers, Ralph and Ronnie, before hitting the club life when he was still in high school.

He grew fast, developing into one of the most sort-after drummers in town. He later joined local up-and-comers, Juggernaut, leading to the release of his official recording debut “Baptism Under Fire” in 86.

Bobby was able to tour the USA, Europe, and Japan as a member of Riot. He recorded six studios and a pair of live albums over the years.

In 1993, Bobby rejoined his younger brother Ron from the Watch Tower fame and Pete Perez, a bassist from Watch Tower, to form Spastic Ink. Today, he continues to play a huge role in motivating young drummers.

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