Earl Hudson, Bad Brains’ Ferocious Hardcore Drummer

Earl Hudson is described as one of the most influential drummers of his time. He started out as a jazz fusion drummer, playing for the ferocious D.C hardcore band, Bad Brains, which rocked the city with its incredible styles. 

Though Earl Hudson played soft music, it did not take him long to adjust to the new moves while keeping his superb chops.

Earl Hudson
earl hudson

When the tempos were cranked high to light speed, it was just another opportunity for him to make even better music.

When things were hurled against the wall, he maintained his composure and ensured those who listened to him received nothing short of the best quality. He came up with many ideas that would change the music industry for good.

Dave Grohl or the Nirvana crew admitted to having copied some of Hudson’s moves in a while playing the intro for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Talking to the modern drummer, Grohl says he would learn “all of his licks verbatim.”

Those who know Grohl should also know him as one of the best drummers of all time. And it takes mentorship to become a recognizable figure in the industry. There are very many drummers who have learned their tricks from Hudson, and they always emerge on the top list.

Bad Brains
bad brains

Chad Smith is another drummer who attributes more of what he knows to the drummer. The hard-rock drummer is known all over the world for his energy and power when it comes to giving rock music the best touch. He makes those who listen to his performance feel like they are in the middle of the show. Very few drummers can have such a huge influence on the audience.

Besides, it takes an innovative mind to come up with all the ideas Hudson has shared in his career. And when Smith joined the Chili Peppers, the group’s frontman Anthony Kiedis asked him to get familiar with Hudson’s styles. And he did it.

Earl Hudson Performing With Bad Brains
Earl Hudson Performing With Bad Brains

One of the things that always fascinated fans was his energy and timekeeping skills. There was no song given to him that paused a real challenge. It was like he had a memory-filled life with thousands of styles and tunes that made him approach every task from a different angle.

He has worked magic with time and rhythm, picking up every little change and turning them into useful ideas. Hudson is among a few drummers who have dedicated their lives to creating new ideas,

Eventually, the Bad Brains slowed down a bit, venturing into metal, reggae, and funk. With this new style, Hudson had more room to explore more styles and expand his versatility.

He was able to adapt to the new styles, putting him at the top on the list as one of the most experienced drummers of his time.

It is with the same enthusiasm and energy that he fueled a generation of better drummers. And even though he was a man of many talents with drums, he will remain as the chief creator of American hardcore.

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