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A drummer or any artist is known for their unique style. And Frank Bellucci is one drummer who has proven that resilience and talent can earn you a stop among the greatest. He has been recognized as one of the most talented session drummers in New York City.  Frank has been playing for more than 40 years, doing 300 gigs every year.

Frank Bellucci is also known for his innovation on the stage. Said one of his fans after a performance in NY. “His drums ring through the mix with clarity and joy. “He is one drummer who takes his music very seriously.” He is a great performer and clinician who has shared the stage with some of the greatest names in the world. 

Franc Bellucci Drummer
franc bellucci drummer

The drummer has worked with Terry Bozzio, Steve Smith, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Jim Chapin, Joe Franco, Anton Fig, and Van Romaine, among others. His clinics include appearing at Montreal Drum Festival, Five Towns College, Drummers Collective NYC, Sam Ash, Dix Hills School District NY, and many others.  There are not very many drummers with such an extensive profile as Bellucci, and it’s a good reason he features on the list of top drummers today. 

Frank has also been part of the teams that have helped many drummers achieve their dreams. Some of the artists that have experienced his swing include Oz Noy, Bucky Pizzarelli, Eric Marienthal, Chieli Minucci, Dean Brown, Jeff Berlin, and Billy Heller, just to mention a few.  Many of these musicians have grown in their careers thanks to what the drummer offered.

 “I have never seen such a drummer who is more concerned about the welfare of others than his own.” Says one upcoming musician who went through his hands. “When he wants to do something for anyone, he does it with his whole heart.” Frank has worked as a sideman for many bands and artists. 

These include The Monkees, Bill Heller, Steve Adelson, Long Island Music Hall of Fame, Willie Steel, Uppercut, Herman’s Hermits, and The Spinners. All these are groups that have grown and continue to grow due to his influence. The drummer has also played an integral part working on jingles for Cove Studios under Richie Cannata and Felix Cavaliere and Omni Studios with Dou and Mark Wood.  Also, these are works that have earned him an excellent reputation.

Franc Bellucci Performing
franc bellucci performing

Frank is not only a great drummer but an author too. His innovative book titled “Feet First.” Apart from that, he has presented clinics and performed in many festivals around the USA. And he continues to work on such projects when he is not drumming, a good way to keep his creativity flowing. His work is an inspiration to many.

Frank Bellucci is mostly known for his creativity and innovations. He has taught many upcoming drummers to become the best they can be. His message to them is simple, “listen, learn and create.” “One must listen first and then learn. From there, you are free to expand your knowledge and create something better.”

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