Meinl has been a trusted cymbal company since 1951. This brand can be seen on many big stages where top drummers are playing around the globe.

One of the main reasons Meinl has remained a key player is its strong dedication to innovative solutions. These products are durable, with great sonic qualities.

Every cymbal pack is designed with the best approaches for the best service. And those who use these best cymbals have never regretted much.

If you decided to get the best Meinl cymbal pack, you must put your specific needs ahead. This is because Meinl cymbal packs are put together to achieve specific goals, and you don’t want to get one that will not serve you are you desire.

Meinl has an impressive catalog of cymbal packs. You will notice that they all feature in the best-sellers at any specific price range.

I have picked a few products from random lines for this review.

Meinl Byzance Cymbal Pack

If you are looking for the best sounds, you will need to invest in the best products. And in this case, you want cymbals that are not compromised in terms of sound and quality.

The Meinl Byzance Cymbal series is the best line of products from Meinl. This line is divided into eight sub-lines, each with unique features and functions.

For instance, the Byzance Traditional is the most filled, with 43-different cymbals. It is also the most versatile. You can get a good pack from this line, with a good crash, ride, hi-hats, and other effects cymbals accessories.

If you want a good cymbal set, I would suggest you but single cymbals, and they put together one good set you think can fulfill your needs.

The best thing about the Byzance cymbal line is that it has everything for everyone. Suppose you are a jazz player for Byzance Jazz. And if you play rock, Byzance Brilliant will be all you will ever need.

The cymbals are made from high-end B20 metal alloys, hand-hammered, and lathed to a smooth finish. And therefore, you should know that each pack will not come at a low price.

They are very expensive, but their sound and quality are worth your investment. You will never go wrong with a Byzance pack.

Meinl Cymbals CC-141620+18 Classics Custom Bonus Pack Cymbal Box Set with 18″ Crash

This Classics Custom cymbal set includes a 14-inch medium pair of hi-hats, a 16-inch crash, 20 -inch ride, and an 18-inch crash, all of which are medium. With this, you have everything you will ever need to make a perfect drum set completed.

Meinl’s every cymbal in the Classics Custom line is made from B10 Bronze alloy, precisely crafted in Germany. What you get as a result is a modern explosive sound with lots of attacks and a moderate decay.

Set up your drum set with the most widely used cymbals on the market. Every size in this pack is what you can expect in any good cymbal.

Also, Meinl Classics Custom cymbals are polished to a brilliant finish. This process leads to a fine combination of the best features in a good cymbal.

They are made using high-tech computerized hammering. This ensures a consistently clear and bright sound across the line.

They are loud and aggressive with a dialed-in sustain. This feature allows you to curve your sounds to meet a wide range of playing needs.

Meinl Cymbals Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack with FREE 16″ Trash Crash – Traditional Brass Finish

The Meinl HCS line is the lowest and most affordable series of cymbals from Meinl. And with this cymbal pack, you have the ability to take your practice to the next level.

A drummer is known for their creativity, and this HCS ultimate cymbal set features free trash, helping you achieve the highest level of tonal value. It is a full range of HCS brass cymbals made to complete your drum set.

This set includes a 14-inch pair of hi-hats, a 20-inch ride, a 14-inch crash, a 16-inch crash, an 18-inch crash, 14-inch china, an 8-inch bell, and a 10-inch Splash. The pack also has an extra 16-inch trash crash.

The hip hats deliver a ‘chick’ sound with a nice slosh when you play open. On the other hand, the ride gives out a defining ‘ping,’ clear without many annoying overtones. Use the china to add more cutting accents, with sharp sounds and wonderful feels.

The crash is warm and responds well to a bright, sonic alternative. The 10-inch splash creates quick accents and adds a great blend of trashy tones.

The HCS line is made in Germany from durable brass alloy.

They are not the best overall cymbals from Meinl, but they sound great at this price range. Get great sound and unmatched quality.

Meinl Cymbals CC4680-TRB Classics Custom Pack Triple Bonus Cymbal Box Set with FREE 8″ Bell, FREE 10″ Splash, and FREE 12″ Trash Splash

The 14-inch medium hi-hats, 16-inch medium crash, 18-inch medium in the crash, 20-inch medium trash, 18-inch medium crash, 20-inch medium ride, 16-inch trash crash, 18-inch china in this package is everything to make your drum set complete. In addition, you get a free 8-inch medium bell, a free 10-inch splash, and a free 12-inch trash slash.

These are the common cymbals found in common drum sets. And hence, you can be sure to achieve your sonic needs.

They are crafted from B10 bronze alloy, which makes these cymbals loud and bright. They deliver a bright punch with a rich musical tone. These cymbals are designed to ring above all the other instruments in your ensemble.

The hi-hats give a crisp, bright, and excellent stick definition. They have a medium-range sound with plenty of projection.  The 18-inch medium crashes have a great response, with a wonderful sustain. 

All the other piece is designed for colorful sounding, form the china’s effects, to the chorus of the shimmering trashiness of the trash, you have all you need in these cymbals.

Even though brass is not the best material for making cymbals, Meinl has tried to achieve great perfection in this pack. You can be sure of good quality.

Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack with 14″ Hi-hats, 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, 18″ Crash, 16″ China, and a 10″ Splash – HCS Traditional Finish Brass

This is another extensive setup from Meinl under the HCS line. It features a 14-inch pair of hi-hats, a 20-inch ride, a 16-inch crash, a 16-inch crash, 16-inch china, and a 10-inch splash. It is a full range of cymbal types from the basic sizes. They are a great collection of serious sounds.

This pack is designed for beginners and students. Meinl HCS is designed for beginners and student musicians. They are made in German from high-end brass metal.  

The Meinl HCS line is the lowest-priced line of cymbals from Meinl. But this does not mean they are any bad, as this line is made with the best quality.

I like the hi-hat more. It comes with the right weight to deliver a “chick” sound that makes the performance feel great. The effects of china cymbals do not disappoint either.

The crash features specially designed cut-out holes that make them trashier and “dry.” This means you get a reduced ring and a trashy sound from either the 16-inch or 18-inch trash.

The trash stacks also have hole cut-outs, which gives it a sloshy effect. And this sound is extended into the HCS 8-inch bell, which offers a great accompaniment to your kit.


If you are looking for the highest-end cymbals, Meinl’s Byzance line is a great option. And for a more affordable choice, the HCS and other lines reviewed above will give you all you need. Meinl never disappoints, and hence, you can rely on these choices.