Paxcess Electronic Drum Set

Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Review


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If you are new with electronic drum kits, you need to consider the brand you are buying from. And Paxcess is one of the best.

Besides, the world for the best electronic drum pads for beginners is flooding with different products today. Hence, it can be a bit overwhelming to settle on the right one.

You don’t want to miss the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set on your list. And I am not just saying this because I want the brand to look good, but because this device is great for beginners.

What is the best electronic drum kit for beginners?

Paxcess Electronic Drum Set
Paxcess Electronic Drum Set

Perhaps the best way to explain why like the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set, it starts to explain what a beginner should look for in these products. Even though seen similarly, there are certain features that set the right one aside from the rest. Consider the following:


One thing that makes electronic drum kits very useful is their portability. You can take most of them and fit in any room, and they will fit just right.

But the industry has come far. There are some which offer the highest level of portability.

If you want your child to enjoy drumming, you need to get them something that is down to their level, when they get encouraged and motivated when they play without straining.

The Paxcess Electronic Drum Set, for instance, if more of a tabletop play toy that acts as a drums set. You can unfold it in front of your toddler, on the floor or on their table and watch as they enjoy hitting the pads.

You also need to look at the compatibility of the item you are buying. It is desirable to have something that does not take up too much space in terms of connections and additions.

The Paxcess Electronic Drum Set comes with built-in speakers making it an all-in-one drum set. You will not have to run up and down, looking for the best speakers to connect.

And if you don’t want them making too much noise, consider using the headphone function. Simply plug in the headphones for them and let them play silently.

The Paxcess also comes with a built-in battery. This means the user does not need to connect to a power source at all times, and that they can place it anywhere and start drumming.


Beginner electronic drum sets come with very basic features. The leaner is not interested in all the decorations that make Yamaha and Roland products expensive.

All a beginner needs are to learn timekeeping, coordination, and styles. They can use any surface for this, but the drums make it more real.

There must be the right number of drum pads. This means you want a kit that comes with the bass, the snare, and the toms. When they start real drumming, it is important that they discern how different drums sound with a given intensity of hitting.

The cymbal pads are necessary too. The right beginner e-drum kit should come with the ride, the crash, and the hi-hat cymbals.

In other words, they need a complete set. Also, consider the drum sticks, which make the setup complete.

Some drum sets come with accessories like power cables and a drum throne.

Consider the number of built-in sounds as well. These songs are very important for playing along and improving your skills.

If you are buying the kit for your child, try to check if the kit has their favorite sounds. This will encourage them to love playing along with the songs.

Most electronic drum kits allow the user to upload customized sounds. With this feature, you can always add new songs and remove the ones you don’t want,

The Paxcess Electronic Drum Set comes with a large number of onboard sounds. It is, therefore, a perfect tool to get your kids learning all they need about drumming.


Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Speaker
Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Speaker

If you are looking for a natural feeling from your drums, electronic kits are the wrong place to start your search. Unfortunately, they don’t sound as good.

However, there are those that have been modified to trigger acoustic sounds. These could be the best because they make it easy when you want to transition.

The Paxcess Electronic Drum Set is not one of the best. This is what is not recommended for adults. But sound good enough to train your toddler.


The Paxcess Electronic Drum Kit is designed with kids in mind. Adult beginners may, therefore, find it hard coming down to its level.

This means one must consider the target players for the e-drum set. There are very many variations of beginner drum sets, with some looking more or less like play toys.

Is the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set really good?

Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Pads
Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Pads

Since this drum kit is designed for kits, I will talk about from a kid’s point of view. Even though it can be used by adult beginners too, it does not offer much for them.

And to answer the question of how good it is, we can look at its features.

A strong rechargeable battery

Many electronic drum sets do not come with batteries. They require the user to connect external sources before using it.

Even those who come with batteries don’t have the right capacity to keep the kit working for long, so you will love the Paxcess.

The 2,400 mAh battery keeps you far from the source of power for a long time. When fully charged, you can be sure to get more than 10 hours of playing.

Built-in speaker

One reason that makes this kit very useful is the built-speakers. Unlike other models, where you need to connect external speakers, this kit lets you carry and play anywhere you want.

In terms of portability, you will enjoy playing freely without too many wires around you. Besides, you can connect it to your headphones for private listening. This feature works well where you don’t want to make noise for other people around you.

Seven drum pads

As stated above, a beginner needs to learn their drums from a full-size kit. And the Paxcess is one such kit. The manufacturer has managed to fit seven pads into one little surface, giving your kids a decent selection.

There is the snare pad, which represents the snare drum and is the highest sounding pad. Then there are tom pads, crash, ride, and hi-hat.

All these drum pads stand-in for real drums. The learner will get the necessary knowledge of telling the difference between these drums when they get the real set.

What you will like

Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Control
Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Control

Here is some reason why you should include Paxcess on your list.

  • Good for practice. This drum kit is designed for practicing only. Experienced drummers cannot come close to it; kids who are trying to perfect their drumming skills will be thrilled to get their hands on one. It comes with a user-friendly interface without any complications, so the user can set it up with ease.
  • Compatibility and portability. At first glance, you will think of the Rockjam portable MIDI Roll-Up e-drum kit. It also appears like Jacksoo Portable Roll Up Drum, which are roll-up models. Those who just want a portable e-drum kit will find this very useful.
  • Play games. These pads can be used as a game controller. This is another good reason why kids love so much. It features USB and standard MIDI output for this function.

What you may not like

The Paxcess Electronic Drum Set is a beautiful training kit for kits. However, there are some issues that I think are important to point out. After all, you need to invest your money where it matters most.

  • A poor-quality foot pedal. From a product at this price range, you cannot expect anything much. Many don’t include foot pedals, which is good that this one does, but it feels wobbly when in use, which is very disappointing.
  • The drum sticks are short. Including drumsticks in kit sounds like a good gesture. But some people have complained that they are very short. Anyway, they are made for kids, which means this may not be so bad after all. Even so, you still may need to dig deeper and get better drumsticks.


Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK

Roland Td 1dmk Electronic Drum Set

Based on the features discussed above, the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set is more suited for kids wanting to practice drumming. For adults, the Roland Entry-level Electronic V-drum set, TD-1DMK can be a good choice.

What is a good drum set for a beginner?

Beginners find it hard to choose the right drum set. There are two major categories to pick from: acoustic and electronic drum sets.

In my opinion, acoustic sets are better because they get you directly into the real world of drumming. Therefore, it would be better to have your own set.

However, electronic drums are cheaper, portable, and silent, which are features one needs in a practice drum set. This means a good drum set for a beginner is an affordable e-drum kit.


Kids love fun things, which is why they enjoy playing with the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set. It has attractive colors as well, which gives it a glitter. Parents can easily afford one too.

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