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Roll Up Drum Kit Best 2020 Review


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The innovation of roll-up drum kits is among the recent creation. The world of musical instruments has begun investing more in technology that before. And giant like Yamaha, Roland, and Alesis, among others, are not leaving anything to chance.

Roll-up drums sound confusing, right? From its name, one may not help but wonder how a drum can be rolled up? Is it even possible?

Well, thanks to technology, we have roll-up drums. And in this article, I am going to introduce you to these devices and offer a review of some of the best in the markets. 

What is a roll-up drum?

As the name suggests, these are portable drums that can be rolled up literally.

They are constructed with a combination of soft rubber sheet of rubber with an electrical unit. The result is a drum kit smaller than anything drum you will find on the market. 

These devices may look like toys at first, but they offer a perfect solution for those who don’t want a full e-drum kit. I call them “babies” of an electronic drum set

And the best part is, they come with every part of a drum set. The rubber is the playing surface. This is where you will get drum pads and the cymbal pads – including the snare and hi-hats. 

Also, the module or “brain” of this drum is located at the top. It is the trigger that converts vibrations into audible sounds.

Last, roll-up drum kits come with built-in speakers. So instead of connecting to an external speaker, or headphones, you can see what you are playing directly. Of course, not with the best sounds, but enough to let to enjoy your playing.

Advantages of roll-up drum kits?

From the description above, we can say roll-up drums come with a number of advantages. First, they are the quickest way to get an electronic drum set.

Apart from this, consider the following:


For many drummers, the biggest issue is portability. Drums, especially acoustic sets, are very bulky and heavy. It becomes tough to travel around with your team to perform.

Guitars and other equipment can easily fit in a subway. But for drums, you will need to have van perhaps.

Roll-up drums solve these issues. You can travel with them easily on your tour. Simply roll them up and drop in your backpack.  

The bottom line is these drums weight far less than any drum kit on the market. You are carrying everything in one pocket. 

On average, a roll-up drum kit weighs below five pounds! This means there are small enough to fit anywhere.

Also, they are designed to be rolled-up. This makes it for traveling drummers to carry them around. 

Perfect for beginners 

The biggest problem for a beginner is usually finding the right spot to practice. Especially those who live in apartment houses, the noise drums produce can be unbearable for your neighbors.

And the last thing you want is getting in trouble with other people around you. With roll-up drum sets, you can use headphones and stay virtually silent as you perfect your skills. 

And since they are extremely small, you don’t need too much space. You can even set them on your lap, and you are good to go.

These drum kits are quite fun for kids too. As we know, children want what they are doing.

Roll-up drum use batteries. This means you don’t require a large power size like you would with expensive e-drum sets. With this feature, you can play the drums from anywhere you want.


For normal drumming, you need drumsticks. But with roll-up drum kits, you can play without.

Also, this is a great feature in terms of portability. The pads are sensitive enough to be played by hand. This means you have two fewer things to carry around. 

Also, it means you don’t need to spend money on buying drumsticks. Hence, it helps you save a few bucks on your expenses. What more would you want?


The sound of roll-up drums is pretty decent. If you invest in the best kit, like the ones we shall review below, then you will get something close to desirable.

But don’t expect a lot for these sounds. For those who like putting their ears on traditional acoustic sounds, you will be disappointed.

And this means you cannot use them for large audience performance. However, they can come in handy for studio performance and practice.

Save some money 

Roll-up drum kits are quite affordable. You may need to spend only a few bucks, and you have a decent drum kit. 

For beginners, you may not want to invest in something costly just yet. Why not get an excellent roll-up drum kit and begin sharpening your skills. 

 5 Best Roll-Up drums

Roll-up drum kits are pretty impressive as gifts. But for you to impress the recipient, it is vital to pick the right item. Here, I have put together a list of five best picks on the market.

Paxcess Electrical Roll-up Drum set 

Paxcess Electrical Roll Up Drum Set
Paxcess Electrical Roll Up Drum Set

One thing I love about Paxcess is its constant innovations. They are always coming up with new electronic musical instruments. 

And this roll-up drum set is the cheapest high-quality kit you may find on the market. It comes with a choice to either use headphones or listens to your playing through the built-in speakers.

It has speakers on each side of the module. And there is a mini-jack connector on the module for connecting headphones. 


I like the futuristic design that this device has. It bears black missed with neon green outlining around it. Hence, it is pretty impressive.

It comes with a USB, as well as an internal 2400mAh battery. Paxcess says this power can take you up to ten hours of playing.

The USB connect is situated on the back, near the power switch, headphone, and the AUX input. Also, it has a connector for foot pedals in the same areas.

You can buy this gadget with or minus the foot pedals. 

You can also include bass drum pedals on your list to get the best set. 

With the AUX input, you can play along with MP3 players or iPods. This helps you listen to your favorite play-along tunes and learn the best gigs. You cannot bother anyone with this gadget. 

It comes with fully rolled out dimensions ranging from 9-inches to 17-inches. You create your setting in a small place of less than 2ft-sq.

The kit comes with sticks. But I would recommend you buy other separately since these are not of the best quality. 


The PAXCESS comes with pads for the snare, their toms, a crash a ride, and a hi-hat. 

They don’ come with foot pedals for the drums. But you can buy them separately if you wish. 

The module comes with eight demo songs and three rhythms. These will help you practice as you play along.


  • Paxcess is a reputable company.
  • It comes with built-in speakers and all the essential connections. 
  • Decent sounding.
  • Affordable.


  • This device is recommended for entry-level drummers. 

Flexzion Digital Drum Roll-Up drum kit

Flexzion Digital Drum Roll Up Drum Kit
Flexzion Digital Drum Roll Up Drum Kit

This is another beautiful roll-up drum with a design similar to the PAXCESS above. It also comes with a number of features that will impress you.


With this piece, you will get the bass drum, snare, hi-hat, two crash, and three toms. So it pretty much a full set, with two more pads than the Paxcess.

But it comes with the same price when you include pedals.

The construction

The kit is all black with a little red. Hence, you are looking at very beautiful design. 

Each pad features red marking in front. This is to help you discern how they are assigned.

It comes with wireless usability. It has a USB for charging a battery that will take you for several play hours.

When rolled, this drum measures about 10-inches by 20-inches by 12-inches. It is pretty portable and easy to set up.

Hence, you should be able to get two pedals added to your list. The module controls allow you to connect pedals for both the bass and hi-hat pads. Also, the pads’ functions are pretty basic. 

On the module, you get a few more things that were not on the Paxcess. For example, you get a handy record function, which allows you to listen to playbacks. Also, it has a demo function, which helps you practice more. 


Apart from the features above, this device lets you select the rhythm and style functions. This helps choose between various backing songs and the kit music. It offers three different kit sounds.

You will get module controls for volume and tempo at the front. Also, there is a light display for an easy meter reading. In total, you have nine demo sounds and 11 kits.


  • It comes with more pads then the Paxcess.
  • More sounds and connectivity
  • Decent design and portability
  • Record functionality.


  • It does not come with drum pads. 

Pyle Roll-Up MIDI Drum Kit

Pyle Roll Up Midi Drum Kit
Pyle Roll Up Midi Drum Kit

For the best value, the Pyle Roll-Up kit my personal choice. Looking at the specifications, you will notice that it comes with foot pedals included. You get a 7-pad setup at the most affordable price.

The construction 

The Pyle looks almost like the Paxcess kit. Also, it has the same number of pads, with a similar color scheme, except for the neon green on the Paxcess. The pads are also labeled so that you can distinguish them.


The reason I take this drum more seriously is that it offers extended usability. For instance, it offers connectivity to any Mac or PC to use as a home studio. You can, therefore, convert it into a controller kit to use with any DAW. 

It has a USD port at the back for easy connection. After connection, you must activate it as a MIDI in the DAW preference. Then, it becomes a MIDI drum controller. 

You can use it to record drum songs in real-time. This is a big plus for these devices.

It comes with 12 on-board songs, which helps users practice. The songs come in different styles, so no matter your genre, you have something to work with.

It has the volume button for adjusting the overall volume. These features, together with buttons for tempo and the start/stop function.

There is also a recording feature you can use to record your work. Also, it allows you to arrange beats/fills and store them. Hence save your ideas as you move.

It features an MP3 mini-jack connector for connecting any audio device. You can use this to stream audio through the device, helping you play along with your best sounds. And you also listen to sounds through headphones.

The drums are very small, yet they produce a clear sound. You can use the headphones for better volume. Also, connect to a powered monitor or a home stereo, or even a full live P.A.

Generally, it is a wonderful choice for the money. You can purchase it as a gift.


  • The best quality 
  • Home recording capability.
  • Connect and record audio for future listening.


  • It may be a bit too expensive for some drummers.

RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Kit (with speakers)

Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Midi Kit
Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Midi Kit

This is another great pick. It comes with nine drum pads, a few more than the one above. Also, you get to pedals. 

Drummers need at least one pedal. Hence this device is a wonderful choice.


This kit has everything a drummer needs to get started. In the pack, you will get the kit, drumsticks, power supply, and pedals.

It comes with built-in speakers as well as a headphone input. This means you can practice quietly. 

It comes with a USB connection for MIDI technology. This means you can easily connect what you are playing.

It is simply a wonderful choice for beginners, as well as experienced drummers. It gives you a quick and portable means to practice. 

It is a great and compact kit for use as a MIDI-compatible option. And they are even more portable than any other.


  • Home recording capability 
  • Quality features with more drum pads
  • Best for beginners and professional drummers.


  • It is a bit pricey. 

RockJam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit (Without speakers)

Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit
Rockjam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

If you are not ready to spend on the kit above, then here is a more affordable option. RockJam makes pretty decent roll-up drums, and this is one of the top products. 

It is designed, entry-level players. However, it does not come with built-in speakers or a MIDI connection. 

However, it is a really nice option for those who just want to practice without practicing. It is also very affordable.

Note that you must connect to headphones or speakers before using this device. There are pretty impressive headphones on the market today. 


The roll-up kits I have reviewed in this article are among the most useful pieces. There are more on the market. 

The most important step understands your needs. And note that you need to choose between those with and those without speakers. 

My choice on this list is the RockJam. The one with speakers has pretty much everything you need in a roll-up kit. 

And for a cheaper option, I would recommend the set without speakers. But the other items are also pretty cool. And I hope this guide has been helpful. 

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