Pearl Vision Birch Artisan Ii

Pearl is a company known for making high-quality drum sets. For many years, Pearl drums have been changing the world of drums with their affordability and quality.

When it comes to offering the perfect solution for modern drummers, very few companies can come close to Pearl. This is one that makes them grow stronger.

Pearl’s Vision Birch drum set comes from the Vision line of highly acclaimed drums. They are built with excellent designs and tonal features, as we will see in this review.

Pearl Vision Birch V.B.L. Review

The Peal Vision series was introduced to the market back in 2008. They came then as a replacement for the top-selling in Export series, keeping the solid build quality.

However, the series came with birch shells, taking over the 100% maple one. This ensured better quality in the drums, with excellent features al-together.

From there, Pearl has brought back the use of the Export title, taking the kit to a step higher. It is not Pearl’s most affordable 100% Birch drums.

Construction quality

In this review, I am talking about the Vision Lacquer (V.B.L.) kit. As you can read from the name, the shells have 6-ply 100% birch.

Each shell follows Pearl’s S.S.T. system. In technology, overlapping scarf joint seams are used. Pearl says they are perfectly air-tight.

You can get the drums in three pre-configured kits, which include the fusion kit, the fusion-plus kit, and the classic kit.

The main difference in these kits is the drum size. The fusion comes with 10 and 12-inch rack toms, a 14-inch floor tom, and a 20-inch bass drum. The fusion-plus is bigger with a 16-inch floor tom and a 22-inch kick, while the classic features 12, 13, 16, and 22 setups.

In terms of finishes, there are different options as well, all of which are designed to meet modern drummers’ needs. My review kit came in Ruby Fade.

Pearl’s I.S.S. mounting system is used for the rack toms. Remo Pinstripe batters are installed on all the toms, while the kick has a Powerstroke batter.

Setup and sounds

The fade finish from the box reveals a depth of colors that are not easy to find at this price range. It is more than what anyone could ask from a drum set of this quality.

Setting the pieces in place is quite easy. Bright chrome lugs and lacquered brass hoops are all part of the system that assures easy setup.

The shells are thin and stiff, which means they give a great fundamental tone that is clear and bright. Hence, you are assured of a focused sound that does not have too many overtones.

The snare is sensitone, with Pearl’s Duo Strainer. One can convert it into two modes of operation, letting it cut through your setup with incredible brightness.

The toms do not disappoint either. They give our realistic and bright sound while the bass drum is deep and sharp.

Another great aspect of this kit is the 930-series hardware, which is sturdy and double-braced. This ensures high performance.


• Great price from Pearl series Vision

• Good sounds of the Vision series

• Good looks


  • low-end features

• None

Pearl Vision Birch Artisan II

Pearl drums have never disappointed any drummer. The company has a good reputation for making high-quality products, and one of these is the Pearl’s Vision Birch Artisan II.

I was recently playing on the New Fusion shells with some friends, and we realize this one of the best-sounding drums out there. It is well built to meet the needs of modern drummers.

The kit delivers extra presence and powerful attack to cut through any mix. If you are looking for a drum kit that promises a good attack, this one would be a good idea.

It comes with enhanced high frequencies, somehow subdued mids, and as strong punch on the low tones.

The drum shells are made from 100% birch with is an ideal material for live and studio situations altogether.

It features Pearl’s Streamlined snares streel snare drum that offers intense rimshots. It is also highly responsive, making it ideal for any situation.


The kit is configured with 22 kick, 10 and 12 toms, 16-floor tom, and 14-inch drums, all of which carry 6-ply 7.5mm of 100% birch.

The bass drum has in hoops comes with a marching finish, while the rubber claws have a rubber lining.

Perimeter E.Q. bass drum heads are equipped with 3.5-mm wide rings. The toms have two-ply wood on the batter ends.

In addition to the drums, this kit has chrome hardware, including a bridge-type bass bracket, reference-like tom brackets, 900 series Uni-lock holders, and I.S.S. tom mounting system.


• Affordable

• Quality sounds

• Sturdy construction


• Some users have found it a bit expensive for the features

Pearl Vision S.S.T. Birch Drums

When you talk about Pearl drums, many drummers will relate to high-quality features and top sounds. This is what comes with Pearl’s Vision S.S.T. Birch Drums too.,

Pearl’s Vision drums are among the most affordable drum sets with Birch shells,

There are configured with 10 and 12-inch toms, and 16-floor tom, a 22-inch bass drum, and a 14-inch snare drum. The heads are all high quality with high-ends sounds.

However, if you are looking for the best sound from them, you will need to change the heads. They are not the best quality and perhaps will not sound as you would expect from a high-quality drum set.

The shells feature 6-ply construction. It is a tight material that ensures the best quality of sounds and long-lasting service.


• Pearl High-quality drums

• Excellent sounds

• Affordable


• It is not the standard Pearl quality

Pearl Vision Birch VBX925S/C236 Drum Kit, Orange Zest (Cymbals Not Included)

The first time I saw Pearl Birch drums was a few years ago at a friend’s party. I did not know yet that they are created to replace the legendary Export line.

These drums are well known for their quality and affordability. They have been on the market for several years now, delivering incredible sounds and durability.

Vision V.B.X.

The all-new V.B.X. is another line of budget 100% birch drums with great features. I bought the pack for this review to discover its reach.

Birch is a good material, known for a focused and natural sound that is useful in both stage and studio. And while birch firewood is a popular choice among those with wood stoves, it is even better as drum material.

The V.B.X. shell pack comes in 9 different configurations to meet the needs of every drummer.

The heads are standard 2-ply, with a Sensitone snare and a very popular 900-series hardware. All the good-sounding drums come in five high-gloss lacquer finishes.

The 6-ply construction on the tom shells and the 8-plies on the bass offers a top-balanced sound. This professional two-ply heads tuning is found on higher-end drums.


• Professional two ply heads

• Sturdy hardware from Pearl

• Optimized shell configuration


• None

Pearl Vision Birch VBX925S/B235 Drum Kit, Concord Fade (Cymbals Not Included)

Pearl’s Vision Birch VBX9255/B235 drum kit is configured with a 22 by 18-inch bass, 10 by 8-inch, I 12 by 9-inch and 16 by 16-inch toms, and a 12 by 5.5-inch snare drums. It also comes with an HWP-900 hardware pack.

This kit has drums only, without cymbals, but with hardware. It is, therefore, everything you need to start playing drums.

The kit was built to replace the legendary Export Series, delivering quality drums at an affordable price. Pearl has since reintroduced the Export line, which takes the Vision Birch a step higher in Pearl quality.

The all-new V.B.X. is the most affordable 100% birch-shell pack. This material is reliable for delivering focused and natural sound both for stage and studio performance.

Shell construction features two-ply shells for easy tuning. 6-ply on the toms and 8-ply on the bass drum promises a full, powerful sound straight from the box.

Vision is the only series at this price range to come with two play heads. They are professional heads, easier to tune, and delivers maximum power.

Another feature to note is the optimized shell construction. The V.S.X. and V.X. drum sets have blended in Birch Ply shells with 6/8 tech. This ensures a dynamically balanced sound.

Perimeter E.Q. bass drum heads with wide rings, reference-like bridge lugs and recessed claws, bridge-like bass bracket, and Uni-lock tom holders are all part of the 900-series hardware.


• 100% birch

• Two-ply shell technology from Pearl

• Sonically advanced

  • steel sensitone snare


• Some users say it is a bit expensive for the features


Pearl Vision Birch drum set is a perfect solution for those who need quality sounds and yet don’t have much to invest. It is a very functional series with a good reputation. However, it is not still a professional line.

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