Simmons Sd5K

Lots of electronic drum sets have been launched by various brands. One of them is a brand called Simmons, which is famous for creating different electric drum kits. This time Zero To Drum will explain the Simmons SD5K in full below.

The SD5K electronic drum kit includes two adjustable cymbal pads and one adjustable hi-hat pad with height and angle adjustments for a comfortable, custom-tailored fit. It simulates the feel of an actual hi-hat pedal, giving your playing instant hardware familiarity. Like an acoustic drum kit, the hi-hat functions as a ‘closed’ hi-hat when the pedal is stepped on and an ‘open’ hi-hat when the pedal is released.

In contrast to acoustic drum sets, this kick can be placed independently of the toms, allowing even more customization to your body size and playing style.

Key features

  • (2) Cymbal pads and (1) Hi-Hat pads are adjustable.
  • High-hat pedal with a natural feel
  • A bright, easy-to-read, multi-function display
  • 237 voices, 22 preset kits, and up to ten custom kits are available.
  • 48 practice songs with a reverb effect and a built-in metronome
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • The simple design facilitates setup and breakdown.
  • Locking hinges that are custom made


  • Good versatility
  • Easy setup
  • Ability to create your kits and aux input to play along with your songs


  • Pads are somewhat generic in that they do not have an authentic response
  • No rim shot sensing
  • Kick pad is not big enough for a double kick
Simmons sd5k


Simmons SD600

Designed for drummers looking for a reliable electronic drum kit for practice, rehearsal, and recording. This Expanded mesh-head kit includes an additional mesh-head tom pad and crash cymbal. It is ideal for players who want an acoustic sound/feel and best-in-class features like a simple wireless connection to apps and computers.

Key Features

  • Sleek appearance, realistic feel, and stay-in-place design
  • Tension-adjustable dual-zone, dual-ply snare drum 10″
  • Dual-zone, dual-ply tom pads 8″ pensionable (4)
  • Two 10-inch crash cymbals with choke.
  • Ride cymbal 12″
  • Hi-hat pad 10″
  • Pedal for hi-hats
  • Mesh-pad kick pad tower

Simmons SD350

The Simmons SD350 offers a larger-than-expected drum sound at a lower-than-expected price. This full-size, 5-piece mesh-head electronic drum kit is ideal for rehearsals, practice, and recording. Furthermore, the tension-adjustable mesh heads capture more nuanced playing than any other kit in its class.

The sound module comes with ten drum kits, 179 custom sounds, and ten songs. The 8-inch mesh heads provide an authentic drum feel, and the quick assembly design allows for quick and easy setups and tear-downs.

Key Features

  • 5-piece portable drum set
  • 8 Rugged “Mesh heads that can be tensioned for the snare and three toms
  • 10 years of use “Hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbal pads
  • Kick pedal with integrated kick trigger Hi-hat controller 179 custom sounds
  • 10 pre-programmed drum kits plus one user-programmed song
  • Simple user interface with straightforward and comprehensive navigation
  • USB/MIDI computer connection via multi-pin pad connector
  • Headphone and stereo outputs
  • Includes a free interactive Simmons Basic iOS App that can be downloaded.

Simmons SD1000

The Simmons SD1000 is a 5-piece electronic drum set that appeals to both seasoned drummers and working or hobbyist musicians. The SD1000 Sound Module powers the setup, which includes 55 presets, 44 users, 516 voices, 210 songs, and an extensive collection of classic sounds. 

The module consists of a programmable metronome, an auxiliary input (for MP3 or otherwise), 10 trigger inputs, and a headphone output for quiet rehearsal.


That’s an explanation of the Simmons SD5K. This electronic drum kit has rich features, so you won’t lose anything if you buy it. So what are you waiting for? Immediately buy this Simmons SD5K to support your skills in playing drums.