Pearl Masters Maple The Most Complete Review of 2023

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Pearl is not celebrating 25 years of the popular Pearl Masters. And they decided to do it by combining the top features of all other products into the Maple Complete.

With so many options on the market, choosing a beginner drum set or any option designed for professionals’ needs is never easy. But now, with the Pearl Masters Maple Complete Drum Set, it can never get any easier.






Sound Quality


Value for Money



For those who may still not be convinced that the Pearl Masters Complete piece drum set is an excellent choice, consider its pros. 

First, this piece features the highest-quality built. The materials involved are premium, which guarantees long service. This means the product is worth your investment.

Second, the quality of responsiveness and sound you get is incredible. Once you tap with the sticks, the drums will respond easily and naturally, letting you enjoy playing at all levels. If you are looking to create a total percussive statement and impress your audience, this is a piece you can count on.

Just to make sure you never doubt its quality, the Pearl Master Maple Complete comes with extensive warranty coverage. All of us need products that provide peace of mind, and I am sure the lifetime warranty on this product offers just that. 

In simple terms, this drum set offers the best experience on the market. It is made for an enjoyable performance. 


Despite all the good things about this drum set, it comes with its share of ‘the bad.’ 

It is very expensive. This is perhaps its most significant issue. It can be, therefore, a bit hard for some people to afford. In this case, cheaper options like the Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete and the Ludwig Accent or the Ludwig Breakbeats might be better options. 

Apart from the price, some user finds assembling this kit quite complicated. It can make you feel a bit frustrated right from the box. This is perhaps the reason it is reserved for experienced users. 

This is one piece that should be in the mind of every drummer. And since it comes from one of the most reputable brands globally, its quality is unquestionable. 

After listening to many other users, I decided to find out what made this special set. Read about it in this review.

About the Pearl Masters Maple Complete 

Pearl Masters Maple Complete
Pearl Masters Maple Complete

As stated above, this one of the best drum sets in the current market. Pearl has never disappointed when it comes to building top quality products. And you should not expect anything less from this one.


The Maple Complete comes in four different configurations. Among them, you get five high-quality gloss and matte lacquer finishes.

Choose from Inferno Red Sparkle, Burnished Bronze Sparkle, Satin Natural Burst, and Black Caviar Matte. You can also pick the Matte Natural, but only on special order.

When it comes to configuration, there are four-piece shell packs without snares and one three-piece. For the larger setups, you get 10 by 7 inches, and 12 by 8 inches rack toms. Also, you can combine these with either 14 by 12 or 16 b 14 inches floor toms. The kick drum measures 20 by 14-inches and 22 by 18-inches, depending on your preferences. 

And if you decide to go for the smaller configuration, you are looking at 13 by 9-inch rack, 16 by 14-inch floor toms, and 24 by 14-inches bass drums.

They don’t come with snares. However, there are two separate 14-inch snare drums in the Complete Maple line.

You can always get the configuration that meets your needs. You can make an order for drilled and un-drilled bass drums if you need more customization features. 

All the shells are made from EvenPly, crafted from reduced-thickness, 6-ply maple from North America. It is alleged that this maple ifs 28% thinner than anything on the previous Masters. 

You may also like it that they feature a 45-degree bearing edge. This makes their design to offer tonal purity and better resonance. If you have used the legendary Masters MMX, then you understand what this means. 

Another great consideration is the new shells that come with 2.3 triple-flanged SuperHoop II finishes. The chrome bridge-style CL lugs magnify this feature. This means you get reduced shell contact, translating to better performance.

Pearl seems to have broken from the norm here. The small part of the lug the attaches a tuning-rod is gold-finished instead of chrome. This feature gives is a soft, yet very sharp touch.

I was greatly impressed with what the bass offer. It awesome heavy-duty SP30 spurs. In addition, I come with die-cast claws insulation. The floor toms, on the other hand, feature-heavy cushioning on the LB40 legs with easy memory locks.

The Chinese-built Remo UT Clear Pinstripes on the toms makes them sound pretty awesome. When you consider the Ambassador equivalent on the bottoms, you will never regret the results.

The mini-muffler pillow on the bass gives you more control for your drums. It was also applier a UT Powerstroke 3-batter and a white Reso. With these features, you have nothing to complain about. 

Top features 

Pearl Masters Maple Complete Set
Pearl Masters Maple Complete Set

You will be sure to love the suspension technology. This is an exclusive development from Pearl based on its application in the air chamber. The aim here is to get the best material for indisputable sound quality, magnified by the use of AcoustiGlue. The result is super-high drum shells.

Then there are the EvenPly six maple shells. I have already mentioned what these features can do. But just, in summary, it offers great sensitivity to projection with the construction that offers excellent features.

SuperHoop II hoops is a feature that brings out optimum articulation and resonance. It can be found in more Pearl products, including the lower end Pearl Roadshow or the high-end model Pearl Vision.

Who is this Drum Set For?

Because of its complexity and price, the Pearl Masters Maple Complete is recommended to professional and experienced drummers. It may not be a good idea for learners and intermediate individuals on a budget. 

Pearl Masters maple complete 7 piece

As stated above, the Pearl Masters Maple Complete 4-piece drum set does not include everything. It is only a shell pack. However, you can go for the Pearl Masters Maple Complete 7-piece drum set. Right from the box, this set comes with everything a drummer needs to start playing. Since buying components separately can be costly, take this as a way to save something.

Pearl Masters maple complete snare

Pearl Masters Maple Complete Kit
Pearl Masters Maple Complete Kit

Do you need matching snares for your Masters Maple Compete Kit? The Pearl Masters Snare is an excellent choice. It comes with 100% maple shells that offer beautiful projection, sensitivity, and sustain. They are made for the Pearl Masters Maple Complete drum set, hence great compatibility.

Pearl Masters Maple vs. Birch

When it comes to getting the best sound from drums, the shell material is the biggest consideration. In most cases, drum sets are made with either Maple or Poplar shells. But in recent times, there has been an increase in the use of Birtch, especially by Yamaha.

I used to think these two materials are identical. And they could be to some extent since they both sound incredible.

However, Maple is more superior. Its quality allows it to only feature in high-end drum sets. It is pretty expensive too. 

Pearl Masters Maple vs. Gretsch Renown

I have been trying to find the line between Pearl Masters and Gretsch Complete for a while now. I mean, both brands have a reputation in the global music industry, and they are really impressive. 

The biggest difference I have found is the quality of the hardware. Pearl is obviously the winner. The Pearl drums are sturdy, with an excellent built.

The Gretsch Renown is like so too, but there are a few tiny details that made me choose the Peal. For instance, it seemed that Gretsch uses a very loose fit in the threads. This made the lugs and the hardware a bit lose. 

Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs. Reserve

Peal has continued to tinker and refine its Masters’ line. And the Maple Reserve version is the latest addition to the family.

In the latter, you will realize a true mixture of vintage and cutting-edge technology. Also, it is a designer series that comes with a wide range of shells and finishes. 

In terms of construction, both sets feature 100% North American Maple. The Reserve comes with a 4-ply shell, which is thinner.

I would recommend the latest Reserve over the Masters Complete. 

Pearl Masters Maple Complete vs. Gretsch Renown 

There is no denying the Pearl Masters Maple Complete is a superior product. However, Gretsch Renown has been its closest rival for long.

Both are excellent drum sets. Renown is much cheaper and come comes with a snare. The Pearl is more expensive, yet it does not have the snare.

Again, the Maple holds a lifetime warranty, which is the biggest plus to me. But I would pick the Gretsch for the price. 


Pearl Masters Maple Complete Back View
Pearl Masters Maple Complete Back View

In summary, the Pearl Masters Maple Complete is a high-end drum set built for professionals. Although it does not have the snare, its price tag is justified with its quality. It would, therefore, be a great choice.

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