Tom Hunting, the frenetic and vigorous drummer

Thomas Hunting is an American drummer born on 11th April 1965 in Richmond, California, United States. Many people know him through the famous band Exodus because of his great work and the unique techniques he employs. He plays three major drums that include drums, vocals, percussion, and guitar.

According to the drummers he worked with within the Exodus, playing these three primary instruments makes him an exceptional person to work with. He is a respected drummer in the Exodus group as he played in the band’s first three albums.

The three albums include Bonded by Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh, and Fabulous Disaster. Tom Hunting fell in love with a guitar fast before playing drums.

He first started with a trombone when he was in grade four, and then after one year, he started playing the guitar. However, he did not play the guitar for a long period.

Tom Hunting
Tom Hunting

However, despite starting with a trombone and a guitar, he had an inkling to want to do drums. He could easily learn all the tricks involving major music instruments because the schools gave them an opportunity. Hunting was a rock lover when he was growing up, and he liked Heart’s drummer-Michael Derosier, Tommy Aldridge, John Bonham, Keith Moon, and Pat Travers. Clive Burr and Neil Peart also influenced him.

However, learning drums at school was quite hard for Tom because he is left-handed, and the drum arrangement was unfavorable for him. He did not have a drum at home, but he made his drum arrangement when he received one.  He later asked his teacher to allow him to switch the floor tom and hi-hat around the snare.

Tom Hunting is the co-founder of the band Exodus. He started performing with several other players, and they recorded their first three albums together. However, Tom left the band in 1989 because of medical reasons. In 1996, Tom returned to the band and joined hands with Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt, Paul Balof, and a new bassist Jack Gibson.

This tour brought the entire group together, and they were selling their album, Another Lesson in Violence. In 2005, Hunting, Rick Hunolt and Steve Souza left the band. Tom was replaced with Paul Bostaph, who was a member of the Slayer Band.

However, in 2007 Paul Bostaph left the band to join Testament, and Tom Hunting replaced him. Hunting admitted that Bostaph is his great friend.

Tom Hunting Photo
Tom Hunting Photo

Hunting is the only original member of Exodus who is still working with the band. Despite leaving on several occasions, he has been committed to serving his first band to the fullest. Tom has played in five albums produced by the band.

He was not present for only one album, and the albums he is involved in include Let there be Blood, The Human Condition, Tempo of the Damned, The Atrocity Exhibition, and Blood in, Blood Out.

The various instruments that Hunting has endorsed include Yamaha drums, Meinl Cymbals, and Vic Firth Extreme 5B sticks. Hunting has remained relevant in this industry for an extended period, and his music is exceptional.

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