Yamaha Dtx760K

Before Yamaha’s flagship DTX900 series was the DTX700. It appears in the upper mid-range electronic drum set series and has many cool features. It’s no surprise considering that Yamaha is one of the music industry’s mots famous household name.

This series carries two drum sets, the Yamaha DTX720K and the DTX760K. As you have already guessed, the DTX760K by Yamaha is an upgrade from the DTX720.

Such as the DTX920k, the DTX760K comes with better features and other improvements. It is bigger too, with more cymbals, a more sturdy rack, and improved drum pad quality.

In terms of price, theDTX760K by Yamaha is 75% more costly, which is a huge difference. But there is a reason behind this price surge.

For instance, the DTX720Ks come with XP80 snare and three tom pads. These pads are smaller in diameter. The DTX760K, on the other hand, features an XP120X textured silicone snare drum, which is bigger by more than 4 inches.

Also, the drum comes with a control knob, which is not on its little brother. One can tweak the volume and FX or change the pitch.

And again, the toms are bigger. Now the DTX760K features a 10-inch front tom and 12-inch floor tom. Each tom is made with a silicone head and a control knob.

In short, it is a better drum. And in the guide, I will discuss all the Yamaha features likable and unlikable about it.

Who is the Yamaha DTX760K for?

With more prominent drums and better technology, the Yamaha DTX760K looks and sounds more like an acoustic drum kit. It is one of the high-end drum sets on the market. It appears in the same price range as the flagship models from many other brands.

This means it is way above an average beginner and mid-range set.

The kit offers all the features that do appear in the DTX720K. For instance, if you are looking for a real-feeling drum pad and bigger size, then this is the drum for you.

It is a five-piece with four cymbals, one more than what you get with the DTX720K. Also, two 13-inch crash cymbals can go to any sound in the DTX700 module. The DTX700 module is quite versatile, so expert drummers love it.

Besides the large pads, the DTX760K has a drum module ideal for professional drumming. It can work in any function, even as part of a live band setup.

One can assign customer samples on the selected pads to bring out the triggering samples. Also, the feature can trigger song-backing tracks that will loop while playing.

The drums appeal to any player looking to work with modern sample-heavy tracks.

My favourite feature is that the kit is designed to help you with an easy transition to acoustic drum sets. The snare mimics a real drum component, and the hi-hat is stand-mountable. Therefore, the hi-hat works like a typical hi-hat, giving the player a more realistic feeling.

As if that is not enough, the hi-hat comes with a sensor that can tell you how to position and make proper adjustments.

Not many electronic drums sets come with mountable hi-hats. But these items can make a big difference in your performance.

The Yamaha DTX760K is, therefore, great for professional and expert drummers seeking to offer the best performances. It comes with home recording features so that they can make music right from home.

The module is more advanced and complicated and not suitable for beginner and mid-range drummers. Even so, it has wonderful play-along songs for practising.

About the Yamaha DTX760K

The DTX760K is a drum set that comes with the benefits of high-end all 3-zone DTX-pads. It is more affordable than other kits with these features.

It features a real hi-hat controller, and a large 3-zone choke-able cymbals like the ones in the 900 series. This configuration gives you a realistic and comfortable feel with the whole kit.

Summary of the Yamaha DTX760K features


  • Three tom pads
  • Four cymbal pads
  • One snare pad
  • One kick pad

The module features:

  • LCD
  • 60 drum kits
  • 1,396 sounds
  • 57 effects
  • 12 trigger inputs
  • Line input, headphone jack, USB, MIDI, MP3
  • Training functions
  • Click
  • 64MB memory

The pads are

  • Mesh material on the pads
  • Rubber hoop
  • Triple zone
  • Multiple tom pad
  • 10 in snare

Top Features of the Yamaha DTX760K

Drums and Pads

The snare pad on the DTX760K is much larger and heavier. It measures 12 inches in diameter, more than the 8-inch pad in the DTX720K. This is why Yamaha decided not to mount it on a rack. Instead, it comes with a separate snare.

The stand is sturdier, offering better support and reducing movement. You can reposition the snare as you wish. Also, this means you can swat this drum set viscously during live performances.

Each pad feels better than what you get in the DTX720K. The brand seems to have consulted famous drummers during the creation of this kit.

An electronic drum set doesn’t always feel real. But this snare makes things a lot easier, resulting in an ultra-realistic feel.

One downside, however, is the silicone heads. They are not as tensional as the mesh ones. Mesh heads allow for tension adjustment through drum lugs, just like real drums. With the DTX760K, each pad has a preset head tension; therefore, you cannot customize them.

The control knob presets are a great additional feature on this device. A player can assign it to do multiple functions, including volume control.

The bass KP100 bass drum pad comes as a solid upright kick tower. It can support both single and double pads. The mesh head is quiet and can take in the pedal beater better.

Having a quality bass drum is crucial when selecting an e-drum set. Without a good bass drum, your chances of getting better are limited.

The cymbals

There are four cymbals with the DTX760K, as opposed to the three in the DTX720K. These include a 13-inch hi-hat, two 13-inch crash pads, and a 15-inch ride cymbal.

The ride and the crash have three-zone triggering. Hit the bell, the bow, or the edge, and each creates a unique sound. They come with choking capability that allows the player to mute the sound by gripping the cymbal.

The hi-hat is a two-zone pad that lets you play on the bow and the edge for different expressions. It works with a separate pad sensor at the base.

The sensor can measure the distance between the hi-hat and will change the module to meet your needs. Yamaha includes an HS740A hi-hat stand.

The hi-hat sensitivity is very impressive. You can play in different positions, from open to closed. It can respond to pedal pressure to alter the tone. Pressure increases when you step down on the pedal and it then raises the pitch.


This drum kit features an upgraded RS700 rack. It is bigger, sturdier, and can handle more components. There are cymbal arms to hold in place each cymbal, creating a boom design. It is quite easy to position using these stands.

The earlier version has straight arms that are not very flexible. And since you need more control over your cymbals position, the positioning is quite amazing.

It comes with five hardware pieces, including kick pedal. Unfortunately, you don’t get a drum throne.


The DTX700 module comes with 1396 individual voices. They have acoustic kits, electronic kits, percussion and SFX. This feature allows you to import your sounds to the drum module through USB. You can then edit and save the sounds as new custom kit presets. There’s a lot you can do with all the sounds in the DTX700 module, and that’s why pro drummers are big fans of it.

With the digital FX section, you can add more atmosphere to the sounds. And for those who like tweaking, use the kit EQ to master EQ overall. The volume fader on the module gives you more control over the pad levels.

Other notable features

The DTX700 is compatible with Yamaha’s own iOS apps. It comes with free downloadable apps, usable with any Apple device.  

Editing the drum sounds is easy and straightforward. It allows you to add EQ and effects, create drum kits with the App, and more. This allows the drummer to make sound adjustments suitable for their devices.


Roland and Alesis are the biggest competitors. Plus they are cheaper than the Yamaha DTX760K.

The Alesis Strike Pro is an excellent e-drum kit as an alternative. It comes with six drums and five cymbals. Also, it has bigger drums, with many similar features. Its hi-hat and snare are stand-mounted.

Another excellent option is the Roland TD-25KV. It is an all-mesh kit, just like the Strike Pro above. It comes with the same number of drums as the DTX760K. Besides, the toms and the snare are three-zone, while the module carries high-quality Roland drum samples.


The Yamaha DTX 760K carries everything a drummer could need in an e-drum kit. It is strong, reliable, and comes with pretty impressive features. I can highly recommend it for professional performance, except for the high price. But if you’re looking to invest heavily, you may want to “add to cart” the Yamaha DTX760K electronic drum set.


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  1. I’ve been using a Yamaha DTX760K for a few years now. I really like how easy it is to set up. It’s the first thing I turn to if I want a practice kit, and it’s really easy to get the hang of it.
    Before I get too far into my point, it’s worth noting that you can get an actual Yamaha DTX760K. This is not a popular thing, but really, it’s up to you what you want. The DTX series tends to be nicer looking and nicer sounding, but in the end, it’s the same drum kit.
    I’ve been looking to pick up a 2nd hand VH-11 for a while with no success and I know an improved hi-hat will solve a lot of my niggles. How does the VH-10 compare?

    Would going to the 17 be sufficient or is the 27 worth the extra? Would I be better trying to get a TD-30 instead?

    All thoughts welcome. thanks

  2. Hi, my name is Keith and I would like to know if I can become a professional drummer, using this kind of drum est, or it’s better to buy a classic, acoustic drum to make no noise? Thanks

  3. Yamaha DTX760K is a really good drum kit, and has been life changing for my practice! Now I can practice during the day and at night time, with having no more complaints from neighbors! You know it’s not like 100% playing a real drum set, but it’s good for practice and not be too noisy!

  4. I bought Yamaha DTX760K recently, and it’s worth the value, but I would have liked more options and more track to play along. Do you think I can upgrade it and make it more rock n roll? kind of cool?

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