To be honest, Sonor drums have unsurpassed manufacturing quality. They produce uniquely amazing drum kits with excellent sound that is natural, warm, and accurate. With the Sonor Force series, you will never go astray.

Sonor Force 3000 is an excellent kit that has been in existence for decades now. I have been an enormous fan of Sonor kits for almost a decade now, and I have never regretted the moments that I have enjoyed with the Sonor Force series.

The force series has excellent features that every drummer in the entire globe yawns for. There have been many improvements to the kits, and with the shell technology that Sonor introduced, the drums are much durable and unique.

Sonor uses high-grade maple shells in their drums, which make them exceptional. There are no other drums that can beat Sonor when it comes to shell quality that translates to the best sound quality. Therefore, let us look at the Sonor Force 3000 in detail.

Batterie Sonor Force 3000

Batterie Sonor Force 3000 is made in Germany; thus, it has an irreproachable quality. It is made of natural Scandinavian birch in excellent condition. An excellent acoustic drum kit is above all the wood; the real determinant is the manufacture’s process and quality.

The Sonor Force 3000 ceased to be manufactured in 1997, but it remains outstanding in the current market. At the time, SONOR’s reputation was ‘if you buy a Sonor, it will be buried with you.’ This reputation is still valid, and it is far from being usurped.

This drum set has indestructible fittings, a remarkable 8 millimeters thick birch, well varnished inside, and a charming exterior finish. It is heavy and rigid, which is nothing compared with the current Sonor Force series manufactured in the Far East.


  • It made of high quality durable materials.
  • It is more solid and compact than other kits.
  • It is cheaper as compared to other drums in its category.


  • The kit is a bit heavy and rigid.

Force 3000 Sonor

All birch shells of Force 3000 Sonor are made in Germany from world-class wood selected from the best. The good thing is that the Force 3000 is budget-friendly, and several adjustments have been made to the older versions of the kit.

The Sonor Force 3000 is a continuation of the Force 2000‘s conception: instruments made of high-quality material with a high-tech look and affordable price. The Force 3000 series have a wide selection of drum sizes and the new Force 3000 series hardware. This kit is suitable for drummers who take pride in their instruments and who are price-conscious.

It was used by the generation of old drummers who showed a lot of love to it. It is designed with massive birch that makes it last for an extended period. Some drummers bought it over two decades ago, and they are still enjoying the incredible sounds of the entire kit.


  • It features the old design needed by players.
  • It is made of Solid shells that produce quality sound.


  • It can be quite expensive considering it does not come with hardware packs and cymbals

Let us look at one of the Sonor Force 3000 kits with unique features:

Sonor Force 3000 Black Lacquer

Sonor Force 3000 kit is a beautiful and original birch drum kit. You should not confuse this kit with the newer force series. This Sonor Force 3000 drum was made in Germany, which makes it remain outstanding among the rest.

The kit is considered an upper mid-lie kit by Sonor standards but equal to other pro kits from other manufacturers. The kit is in excellent condition with nothing more than a small nick or two. The signature inside the bass drum is authentic and exceptional.

The snare stand that comes with this kit is heavy duty and features Sonor quick-release lever. The kit has a fantastic tone and resonance due to its massive and solid construction. The heads are all playable Sonor but could sound better with the new batter heads.

The kit is durable because of its solid and new birch shell construction. It also features an even and durable fiber structure of select plies of birch, which is the foundation for the drums’ clear resonance and powerful attack.

The Sonor Force 3000 drums have 9-ply, 7.5 millimeters cross-laminated shells bass drums, with the bass drums having 11-ply, 8.5 millimeters shells. They also have the traditional Sonor precision 45-degree bearing edges.

This combination of different shells enables a clear, precise tone that appeals to every person’s ear. All drums are fitted with unique and original Sonor EP drumheads. The Sonor Force 3000 design is the consequent advancement of the new visual appearance of Sonor.

It also features one-piece tubular style lugs that have a modern appearance and relieves shell stress when tension is applied to it. Another fantastic feature of this kit is the high quality lacquered finish. You can get three different high gloss lacquer finishes and one natural finish.


22″ x 16″ Bass

16″ x 16″ Floor

13″ x 11″ Tom

12″ x 10″ Tom

14″ x 6″ Snare

Sonor double tom mount

Sonor snare stand

Sonor bass pedal

Sonor Force 3000 Review


It is affordable.

It delivers a high-quality sound that is hard to find.


It can be quite hard to find it now.


With Sonor Force 3000, you will enjoy the taste of old and well-designed drums. The drums have been praised by so many drummers who have used them for decades. It can be hard to get the kit right now, but it is incredible when you come across this great art.

I have been using my kit for over two decades now, and I do not regret having it. My friends love it, and most of them beg me to sell it to them. But I cannot sell such a precious gift from Sonor.