Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas The Songwriting Drummer

When it comes to greatness in drumming, it takes more than just knowing how to hit drums. It even goes beyond the talent and mastery of many drumming approaches. And this is where Pete Thomas comes in as a real example of greatness. He was a selfless drummer who believed in helping anyone who came

Honey Lantree Honeycombs

Honey Lantree Is The Glue For The Honeycombs

The Honeycombs are majorly known because of their drummer Honey Lantree. She is recognized as the only woman to ever play on a hit single: “Have I The Right.” This piece has remained as one of the great British Invasion one-shots. The legendary producer Joe Meek seemed to know what the drummer’s hands could do

Tommy Lee Feature

Tommy Lee, The Famous Master of Gravity-Defying Drum

Perhaps the best way to describe Tommy Lee is that he is one of metal’s truly incredible showmen. This is major because of his gravity-defying drum solos and notoriety for putting on as few clothes as possible. Whenever he was on stage, anyone would tell it was Lee without even looking at him. Tommy Lee

Jr Robinson Feature

JR Robinson The Most Recorded Drummer in History

Perhaps “JR” Robinson is the “Most Recorded Drummer in History as he calls himself”. With this description, you should have some knowledge of this volume-filled discography expert and one of pop’s go-to slammers. Robinson is one of the most influential figures in the world of pop. JR Robinson’s knowledge of different drumming styles has always

Questlove Feature

Ahmir “Questlove” Thomson wickedly versatile drummer

There are very many drummers who have left a legacy as the greatest of all time. But perhaps there is none as good in creativity as Ahmir Khalib Thomson, known professionally as Questlove. He is an American musician and music journalist with a huge footprint. Questlove is best known for his drumming with the hip-hop

Viola Smith Feature

Viola Smith, one of the first professional female drummers ever

There has never been full storytelling of how Viola Smith was a good musician. But we hope that someday a biographer will come up and tell her story, just so the world may realize her influence in the industry. Viola Smith could be one of the oldest drummers in history, and whose work is very

Jim Gordon Feature

Jim Gordon has been the most admired session drummers of the sixties

As Hal Baine‘s protégé, Jim Gordon was among the most admired session drummers of the sixties. He worked on everything from Pet Sounds to Classical gas, which boosted his fame even more.  Through his touring with Delaney & Bonnie, he met Eric Clapton, who enlisted the drummer in Derek and the Dominos‘ formation. Jim Gordon

Tony Thompson Feature

Tony Thompson The Metronomic Speed Drummer

Anthony Terence Thomson was born on November 15, 1954, and died on November 12, 2003. He was an American drummer known best by his contribution to the development of the Power Station and a member of Chic. He was raised in the middle-class community of Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY. But it did not stop him

Samantha Maloney Performing

Samantha Maloney and The Chelsea, The All-Female Band which died after one show

There is no female drummer that can directly compare Samantha Maloney. She was one-of-her kind rock-solid, an all-pro player known for entering shaken bands and bringing them up to their feet. Samantha Maloney was the replacement at Hole when Patty Schemel left, bringing insanity and harmony that was very much needed. When Tommy Lee left

Usa Music Austin City Limits Music Festival

Jon Theodore and the Seventies touchstones

There are very few people – perhaps not directly into any music genre – who don’t know Jon Theodore. He is one of the most visible contemporary super drummers in the world and a player who has carried the original styles of the critical Seventies touchstones. Talk about the otherworldly facility of Billy Cobham or

Max Weinberg Feature

Max Weinberg, The drum-driven jump blues Drummer

Max Weinberg was born on April 13, 1951. He is an American drummer and television personality known mostly for his drumming work for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. He is also the bandleader for Conan O’Brien or the shows, Late Night with O’Brien and Tonight show with O’Brien. As a drummer, he started his career

Linda Pitmon Feature

Linda Pitmon The Icon to Many

It is hard to talk about the best female drummers without mentioning Linda Pitmon. She is seen as an icon to many, having created her own style of drumming. As the drummer at the centre of Peter Buck/Scott McCaughey/ Steve Wynn axis, she has left a huge mark on many musicians.  These are also a

Ronald Shannon Jackson Feature

Ronald Shannon Jackson, an Amazing Avant-garde jazz Drummer

Talk of the most influential drummer of all times and the name of Ronald Shannon Jackson will not miss in the top list. There is so much the drummer has done that will always remain in the books of history. If he had only played with Avant-garde jazz figures like Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman,

Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers, The flashy Funk Drummer

When it comes to describing the best drummer, there are several things that should stand out. First, they have to be talented, and second, they have to be good with other people. This is the right line to describe who Dennis Chamber is. Having graduated from the same Parliament-Funkadelic school that crowned Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood

Dee Plakas Feature

Dee Plakas, The Chicago punk scene Goddess Of Thunder

Anyone who has played in the L7 understands the complete-badass character that is Dee Plakas. When she holds her instrument, it does not matter the piece she is working on; everything falls in place as though she has planned it for a long time. Dee Plakas is the force behind the band mix of musical

Glenn Kotche Feature

Glenn Kotche a solid dad-rock chops Drummer

Bandleader Jeff Tweedy has a name for Glenn Kotche on stage appearance. He called it “in-Glenn-tions” because of Glenn’s power and appearance when he was behind the drums. It has been very easy for the band Wilco to grow from strength to strength because of the drummer’s approach and love for what he does. It

Dale Crover, Drums, The Melvins

Dale Crover The hard-hitting Drummer

Dale Crover played in Nirvana because he is the best. And when you see anyone receiving such high recognition from someone like Dave Grohl, he is indeed the best. Those who have listened to Dale Crover agree that he is the best in the world, and his work can be used for reference when looking

Jody Linscott Feature

Jody Linscott The Magnificent Percussionist and Producer

What comes to your mind when you hear about the greatest drummer? For Jody Linscott, it should be strength, innovation, and high-intelligence time keeping skills. She was born in the USA but relocated to England, where she practiced her skills and grew into one of the famous figures everyone is talking about today. She returned