Buddy Rich Featured

Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all times

Many drummers that have stood out in the past and the present had someone else to attribute their success to. This is different for Buddy Rich. He stands out as a self-trained childhood vaudeville star. In other words, Buddy Rich did not just start drumming because others were doing it and it was beneficial, he

D.j Fontana Feature

D.J Fontana, from hillbilly music swing to Elvis Presley

We all know the works of Elvis Presley. His recordings have been played across the world for many generations, creating inspirational moments for all who love music. But one thing you may not know is that “D.J” Fontana was behind hundreds of these recordings. The drummer was one of the leading and most admired performers

Benny Benjamin

Benny Benjamin, one of the most outstanding musicians of all time

Benny Benjamin is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding musicians of all time. And for many years, he was the only inspiration that got Berry Gordy into the studio to record.  Benny is widely known for his hard-swinging style whenever he was working on any project. Today, many of the best drummers admire

Al Jackson Jr Feature

Al Jackson Jr. and The legendary soul label Stax

The legendary soul label Stax has come a long way, thanks to Al Jackson Jr. He is a seasoned drummer who has been celebrated over the years for his contribution to the entire industry. Al Jackson Jr has a unique way of presenting his ideas to the world through music, which got him great admiration

Gene Krupa Feature

Gene Krupa, the first rock drummer | Zero to Drum

Gene Krupa is among the top drummers who have left a huge footmark in the industry. Neil Peart, one of the greatest drummers of all times once said Krupa was “the first rock drummer, in very many ways.” This is an excellent witness to the works of Gene Krupa. When it comes to innovation and

Stewart Copeland Feature

Stewart Copeland, from the Police to Primus’ Les Claypool

It is very hard to talk about the great drummers of all times without mentioning Steward Copeland. Even when you hear some of the big names, chances are they have gone through Steward Copeland’s hands or inspired by it. Even though Sting‘s melody has become ubiquitous, there is no doubt they are enjoying what the

Mitch Mitchell Feature

Mitch Mitchell and the Jimi Hendrix Experience

When you talk about the most innovative drummers of all time, you will not fail to hear the name of Mitch Mitchell come. It was not only in his drumming style but in his personality as well. And perhaps one of the reasons he is well known across the industry is his unique way of

John Starks &Amp; Clyde Stubblefield

Clyde Stubblefield and John “Jabo” Starks, the best drumming Duo Ever

There has been a huge number of the best drummers in history, but very few compared to the legacy left by Clyde Stubblefield. It is hard to talk about him without mentioning John “Jabo” Starks because these are two drummers who always worked together. And it is possible that each of them was successful –

Hal Blaine Feature

The fantastic chameleonic style of Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine could be the only drummer who’s every project turned out to be a masterpiece, or something close. Max Weinberg once has something to say about the drummer and stated that Hal Blaine would still be very famous if his only work were “Be My Baby,” where he played his drums so perfectly, they

Neil Peart Drumming

Neil Peart, and his enthusiastic charming style

Talk about talent in the music industry, and there are very few who turn out genuine. And Neil Peart was one of these few. He first auditions for Rush in 1974, and immediately impressed everyone with his charming style. His bandmates saw in him something more than just a simple drummer, but a chance to

Best Drummer Ginger Baker Performing At The Forum Theatre, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, 1980

Ginger Baker, the most eclectic drummer in the music history

The movie about him, Beware of Mr. Baker, is an American documentary film directed by Jay Bulger that explores Baker’s personal history while focusing heavily on his time spent playing great music. Throughout the film, viewers are treated to rare archival footage from all four decades of Baker’s professional career. Ginger Baker is one of

Keith Moon Feature

Keith Moon, the Mental Drummer of the Who

Keith Moon describes himself as the “greatest Keith Moon-Type Drummer in the world.” This is one drummer who was very careful about his rock drumming technique. He was a drummer who always strived to make his performance exceptional. And he was even more cautious about the repetition of his general life. Many who listened to

John Bonham

Is John Bonham the best drummer ever?

John Bonham is a legend in the drumming industry. He is said to have changed the industry completely with his swag and approach to new styles. Being at the forefront of the foundational Led Zeppelin LP, his skills were envied. And years after his passing, Jimmy Page, one of the most excellent drummers of all

Ringo Starr Feature

Ringo Starr, the best or the worst rock Drummer?

If you don’t know the Beatles, then you haven’t been drumming for long. This is one of the most notable rock bands across the globe. And this is where Ringo Starr features. When Paul McCartney was asked to comment on this drummer, he said he could remember the first time The Beatles was playing with